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Learn about the world's biggest snake species and the venomous snakes that roam our world.

Aug 15 2014

Giant Python Caught in House

A giant snake is caught inside of a families home in Thailand with a huge bulge in its stomach as it just ate something that was very large. This is a reticulated python which is considered the biggest snake on the planet. It takes several men to lift the snake off and on a truck …

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Aug 13 2014

Snake Eats Man – Truth Explained

Here are a few recent images of massive snakes that have stories behind them claiming to have swallowed a person. These snakes are huge and they did eat something very large, but what they ate, was not a man. Here is the truth behind the images. Image #1 Fake Story: A drunk guy who passed …

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Aug 02 2014

10 Most Horrifying Big Snake Attacks on Humans

There are currently millions of snakes in existence.  They reside on all continents except Antarctica, and within most bodies of water on the planet.  All of them have varying levels of aggression, voracity and malignancy to humans. While some of these deadly reptiles have a bite that can kill a person in seconds, the most …

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Jul 23 2014

Giant Snake Caught

Brave locals in Africa hunt down a massive 18 foot African Rock Python as one brave hunter climbs down a scary dark snake hole. Would you dare to come face to face with an angry mother python protecting her eggs? African Rock Python Hunters The African Rock Python is one of the biggest snakes in …

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Jul 22 2014

Snake Charming: Not as Impressive as it Seems

Snakes are naturally aggressive, reactive and dangerous creatures. Humans exercise great caution when faced with a snake. They can be quite malignant, and certain species can take a victim’s life in a few seconds with their venom. Though most people go through great measures to avoid these reptiles, others seek them out. Some brave people …

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Jul 22 2014

4 Cobras Protect Sleeping Baby

Are these cobras really protecting a sleeping baby or are they being charmed by a snake charmer? Some people are commenting how these snakes have been neutralized somehow by having their fangs removed and their mouths actually sewn shut! Cobras Guarding a Sleeping Baby Poor snakes? Poor baby? I’m not sure if this is some …

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Jul 20 2014

Green Anaconda Set Loose in New Jersey’s Largest Lake!

Lake Hopatcong is the largest fresh water lake in New Jersey, measuring about four square miles. Most of the shoreline has houses, bars and restaurants around it, and the lake is popular for boating and swimming. There is even a state park that contains it. Recently something that could be an extreme potential danger to …

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Jul 11 2014

700 pound Snake pulled out of Lake in North Carolina?

Giant 700 pound snake caught in lake in Proctor, North Carolina. The giant man eating python was measured at 98 feet long. Police were contacted to see if there have been any recently filed missing person reports as a snake this big could have surely eaten a human. Giant Snake Found in American Lake? This …

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Jul 08 2014

Diver Encounters Giant 20-Foot Anaconda

While diving deep within the rivers of the Brazilian rain forest, wildlife expert Franco Banfi encountered a huge anaconda that would have sent your average diver swimming for the shore. The massive green anaconda was estimated by some to be 26 foot long…which if that’s true… that would make it one of the biggest snakes …

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Jun 30 2014

25 Foot Snake Killed in Mexico!

A scary 25 foot massive giant snake was spotted from a train traveling to Benito Juarez outside of a small village in Southeast Mexico. Passengers immediately hunted the huge snake down after the train stopped and beat it to death with sticks and a machete. The villages were frightened for their lives as well as …

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Oct 03 2013

Top 5 Largest Snake Species

There are some giant snakes that roam our planet, but do you know which snake species are the biggest of them all. These are the top 5 biggest snakes in the world. It starts with the Burmese Python which is native to Southeast Asia and has an average life span of around 25 years. It …

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Oct 02 2013

Python on the Loose!

Yesterday, a mother cat and kitten were enjoying a lovely fall day. The day consisted of nursing on mom, snuggling, and..getting eaten by a python! A ten foot Albino Burmese Python that escaped in a small town in Florida swallowed the helpless pets yesterday afternoon. The python went unnoticed for some time while digesting the …

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Sep 30 2013

Snake ate a Dog in Bangkok

A python was caught after eating a big dog in Bangkok, Thailand. This video shows the snake regurgitating the dog as bystanders looked on. Once the dog was out of the python, a snake handle safely removed the snake and he will be okay. Unfortunately for the poor dog… he was just in the wrong …

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Sep 23 2013

Snake on a Plane!

Many people these days are terrified to get on planes. In actuality, a plane ride is not very dangerous at all; one is much more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident. That said, something wild happened on a flight from Sydney to Tokyo that really gave passengers something to be scared …

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