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Learn facts about many of the prehistoric animals that used to roam planet earth.

Sep 27 2016

12 Giant Prehistoric Critters

12 GIANT Prehistoric Critters Throwback Thursday 12. The Giant Abnormal Shrimp. Better known as the Anomalocaris (ah-noe-malo-kerris), this creature was first described in 1892 by Joseph Whiteaves. Fortunately, the abnormal shrimp actually lived approximately 505 million years ago. Fossils have been found all around the world, which means that there were many of these creatures …

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Sep 06 2016

13 Strange Animal Discoveries Unearthed

13 Strange Animal Discoveries Unearthed Topic 14 #13 … Giant Ant Fossil — Sounds like an oxymoron, but the fossil of a gigantic ant was discovered in Wyoming’s Green River Formation, a well-known fossil site. Monstrously big, these ants measured nearly 2 inches long, about the size of a hummingbird, as you can see in …

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Sep 06 2016

World’s BIGGEST Snake ever, Titanoboa

18 Titanoboa Facts World’s biggest Snake Ever Cretaceous-Tertiary Extinction Event–or K/T Extinction Event First Appearance … Titanoboa made its appearance during the Paleocene epoch and was one of the first large reptiles to reclaim ecological niches that appeared after dinosaurs and marine reptiles died off at the end of the Cretaceous period. Those animals vanished …

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Sep 06 2016

18 Animals Lost to Extinction

18 Animals Lost to Extinction 18.Dodo — In 1598, Dutch sailors made the first recorded mention of this animal. The flightless bird was native to the island of Mauritius (mar-rish-us) in the Indian Ocean. Although its exact appearance is still debated, illustrations and accounts from the 17th century vary quite a bit. The Dodo is …

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Sep 05 2014

New Dinosaur Revealed – Dreadnoughtus

A new prehistoric monster was just revealed and it’s super-massive. This giant new dinosaur discovery is from the family of titanosaurian sauropods which are the largest dinosaurs known to have ever existed. Meet Dreadnoughtus Drexel University professor Ken Lacovara named this giant species Drednaughtus which means “Fears Nothing” While it’s not confirmed yet, this could …

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Aug 04 2014

Baby Dino Cloned?

Is this the real life image of a newborn cloned dinosaur? Recently I was sent a link on Facebook to a news site that reported that Scientists at Liverpool’s John Moore University had successfully cloned a dinosaur. According to the story the scientists were able to extract apatosaurus DNA from preserved fossils and inject it …

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Jul 17 2014

The Prehistoric Australian Lion

The largest carnivorous mammal to have ever lived in Australian is the Marsupial Lion also known as the Thylacoleo Carnifex. This meat eater is believed to have been extinct for over 40,000 years which is the last time any time of big cat has roamed Australia. With a bulky body structure, this ferocious beast weighed …

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Jul 16 2014

Giant Ripper Lizard

The Megalania is an “extinct species” of giant monitor lizards that used to roam Southern Australia. This was only about 30,000 years ago as compared to dinosaurs which have been extinct for 65 million years. Because of this time period, it is believed that these giant beast shared Australia with humans for thousands of years. …

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Jul 07 2014

Fossil of Largest Bird on the Planet Discovered

Bones recently unearthed in South Carolina prove the existence of the largest bird to ever fly over the planet. With an estimated wing-span of nearly 24 feet, this condor would have to get a running start before flight, much like an airplane because its wings were so lengthy. Bearing an approximate weight of 180 pounds, …

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Jun 06 2014

What Really Happened to the Wooly Mammoth?

The great mystery of what happened to the large animals of the Ice Age is on is one that has been fiddled with for centuries. New research on found on the species of the wooly mammoth explores a different take on the matter. It presents the possibility that perhaps these creatures fell into extinction because …

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Sep 14 2013

Weird Mammoth Rhino Creature

Strange Woolly Mammoth Rhino Buffalo Hybrid Cryptid Creature? It’s a prehistoric rhinoceros called Elasmotherium. This bizarre looking beast was posted The Elasmotherium and has been extinct for well over 10,000 years. It’s pronounced ell-azz-moe-THEE-ree-um and this big animal is the largest of all prehistoric Rhinos with Woolly mammoth Traits of really thick fur and longer …

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Jun 26 2013

Giant Prehistoric Wasp Nest Discovered

The World’s Largest and Deadliest yellow jacket wasp nest found. A Prehistoric nest with millions of wasps. After discovering this gigantic yellow jacket nest on a private hunting ground on the outskirts of Tampa Bay, Florida, a bee removal expert was called in. Wasp Nest Discovered with over 1 Million Wasps Jonathon Simkins arrived on …

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Jun 19 2013

Worlds Biggest Shark EVER! Megalodon

The biggest shark to have EVER lived, is the Megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark and a legendary killer that still secretly strikes fear into the hearts of anything and everything that dares to venture out into the sea. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning “Big Tooth”. This giant mega shark is as one …

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