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Strange legendary creatures like Big foot, Loch Ness Monster, Chupacabra, and the Jersey Devil.

Aug 31 2014

Mysterious Beast – Goatman

A mysterious creature plagues the imagination of countless victims who swear they’ve seen a strange goat-like hybrid man lurking behind the shadows. Have you heard the urban legend of the goatman? The Legend of Goatman It’s weird how the Greeks had a similar legend 3,000 years ago, but they just called it the Satyr. Could …

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Aug 22 2014

Strange Sea Scorpion

Puzzling sea creature caught in pond. I first discovered this strange scorpion looking monster a few weeks ago when it was brought to my attention through FB. Sea Scorpion Explained According to the reports that I could find, in 1971 a farmer by the name of Ted Litton living in Lilac, Texas caught this beast …

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Aug 22 2014

5 Mythological Creatures Thought to Exist

Myth: A traditional story explaining some natural or social phenomenon and typically involving supernatural beings or events. With many sightings and unexplainable occurrences happening in our world today, the question remains, do these creatures really exist? For generations, these legends have managed to elude captivity while leaving behind small traces of evidence in an almost …

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Aug 11 2014

Troll Hybrid Animal Explained

What is this strange looking creature? The image first surfaced in late 2011 and over the last year or so a number of viewers have asked me what it is, with some making claims that it is a rabbit-human hybrid, a demonic offspring, an alien baby, or a troll captured by hunters in Namibia. Truth …

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Aug 07 2014

Real Mermaid Body Discovered?

What was discovered on this beach today? A strange looking corpse of a humanoid creature that appears to resemble a mermaid. But mermaids don’t exist right? Dead Mermaid Body Explained The creature clearly has the distinguishing upper body features of a female human with the lower body of a fish complete with scales and a …

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Aug 05 2014

Mysterious Animal Noise Baffles Scientist

An underwater noise so loud that it was heard almost across the world. Scientist remain puzzled at this bizarre phenomenon. No explanation on this planet can solve the strange happening of this terrifying sound made by something…very large. Could this be the World’s Biggest Animal Ever? This is known as the Bloop which is an …

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Aug 01 2014

What is Ogopogo?

This serpentine monster-like creature or Ogopogo as referred to by the locals is Canada’s most famous lake monster. This unknown creature which can only be described as a sea serpent as big as a school bus has been seen lurking in the waters of Okanagan Lake In British Columbia for centuries. Canada’s Most Famous Sea …

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Jul 09 2014

Hunting Cam Ghosts

An increasing number of strange beings have been caught on trail and hunting cameras in recent years. As these photos become more popularized and distributed around the internet, certain questions about what’s really out there are begging for answers. What are these creepy images? One of them looks like a ghostly pilgrim child while another one …

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Jul 06 2014

Top 10 Dead Alien Bodies Found

Here are some of the strangest looking alien type bodies I’ve ever seen. These are all pretty creepy looking and hard to explain where they came from. One from Siberia, Russia was later revealed that it was a prank by two Russian guys who made a fake alien out of bread crumbs and chicken skin. …

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Jun 30 2014

Virginia Man Encounters Bigfoot

A fisherman in Virginia encounters bigfoot for the second time after having a run in with the mysterious creature 25 years prior but this time he was able to snap a photo of it. Randy O’Neal claims that this is the clearest image of bigfoot that he has personally ever seen and challenges anyone out …

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Jun 25 2014

Gollum Creature Photographed in China

A strange gollum looking creature …or more like doppy from Harry Potter…. was photographed by a Chinese tourist who was camping outside of Huairou, Beijing. The tourist was shocked at what he saw when he went for a short walk away from his camp site to pee. A bizarre humanoid being was discovered also peeing in …

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May 31 2014

The Legend of the Chinese Vampire Monkey

The Chinese Vampire Monkey, the Myth, the Monkey, the Legend Nature can be scary! But when it comes to the this strange vampire monkey, it’s hard to decide if it’s one of the cutest little pets in the world or something that spawns from children’s nightmares. Is the Chinese vampire monkey just some elaborate hoax …

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May 17 2014

Is The Legend of Black Shuck True?

Wolves can be ferocious and terrifying animals. On average, today’s wolf stands at an approximate height of 32 inches from toe to shoulder and weighs about 75 pounds. Bones recently found by archaeologists produce a skeleton that must have belonged to a canine that was seven feet in height! This beastly skeleton was discovered in …

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May 14 2014

Bizarre Mythical Beast Discovered in Asia

An unusual discovery in a small town in Thailand was brought to the media’s attention when photos of a mysterious creature started spreading around the internet. The strange being was covered in white powder as locals seemed to be worshiping the finding with gifts and candles as they surrounded this dead animal. What could this …

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