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Sep 27 2016

13 Extraordinary Jungle Discoveries

13 Amazing/Extraordinary/Jungle, etc Discoveries 13. Arapaima (era-pai-mah) — These carnivorous fish have been around for such a long time, they’re considered living fossils. How long? Since the Miocene (mya-seen) Epoch, which extended from around 23 million to 5 million years ago. These giant fish have armor-like scales, and are native to the Amazon Basin of …

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Sep 27 2016

10 Deep Sea Discoveries

10 WEIRD SEA DISCOVERIES Deep Sea Sundays 10. Squat Lobster — A strange sea creature was discovered in an unexplored region of the southwest Indian Ocean Ridge off the South African coast in 2011. The squat lobster is a tiny animal, measuring just 7mm from its eyes to its rear edge, and is actually more …

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Sep 06 2016

13 Strange Animal Discoveries Unearthed

13 Strange Animal Discoveries Unearthed Topic 14 #13 … Giant Ant Fossil — Sounds like an oxymoron, but the fossil of a gigantic ant was discovered in Wyoming’s Green River Formation, a well-known fossil site. Monstrously big, these ants measured nearly 2 inches long, about the size of a hummingbird, as you can see in …

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Sep 06 2016

15 Poisonous Plants

15 Poisonous Plants #15 … Anthurium (an-thur-ee-um) — With dark green heart-shaped leathery leaves the plant produces a spike that’s surrounded by a spaeth (like bathe) usually pink, red, or white.  This picture from shows the flower’s unique that hides its toxicity.  Effects of eating tropical Anthuriums could include a hoarsening of the voice, …

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Mar 02 2016

MEGALODON CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Evidence Shark Still Lives?

Today, we’re investigating video footage of an aquatic beast of epic proportions filmed somewhere near the Marianas trench. Is this actually footage of a living megalodon? This footage has caused quite a stir and the subject of covering megaldon has been requested a few times from our Hoax Factor Friends. Eve though the earth is …

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Jan 20 2016

14 Mysterious Abandoned Ships

There is something mysterious and disturbing about abandoned ships. Whether its the mystery of what actually happened to the people on board that is making you feel uneasy or what caused the abandonment. These are 14 of the most mysterious abandoned boats of all time. 14. S.S. Carroll A. Deering While on returning to Maine …

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Nov 09 2015

20 Bizarre Beach Findings

From strange & mysterious creatures found washed ashore to unimaginable items that will shock you, today we count 20 insane things discovered on beaches. Have you ever arrived at your favorite beach destination to find something completely unexpected? Well these people have, watch the video from Embrace Random and let me know how you would …

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Nov 05 2015

Strange Things People Eat!

From dishes brewed with maggots to eggs that have been aged to taste as if they were a thousand years old, these are the ten most bizarre things people eat from around the world. Top 10 Weirdest Foods From Around the World Would you ever eat any of these weird foods? I’ve tried a lot …

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Discover Nature: Cute Baby Fox

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Jul 22 2014

Top 10 Wildlife Photography of 2014

These are the top 10 nominations for the best wildlife photography of the year. These amazing pictures capture nature at it’s finest as you can see below. Which one is your favorite wildlife photo? 10 Best Wildlife Pictures of 2014

Jul 13 2014

10 Most Enchanting Wildlife Photos

10 of some of the most enchanting and stunning wildlife photography that you’ll ever see. The frog hanging on for dear life is definitely my favorite!

Jul 10 2014

18 Amazing Nature Photos

Incredible photography of breath taking views and shocking beauty that only the perfect moment in nature can offer.        

Jul 07 2014

20 Most Beautiful Nature Photos

Nature is amazing and these photos prove it. Here are my choices for the 20 most incredible wildlife photography that I have seen this year. For the Love of Nature… Meet The Dwarf Monkey The pygmy marmoset is in fact the smallest monkey species in the world and could quite possibly be the cutest animal …

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Discover Nature: Sloth Opening Door

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