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Our world is incredible with so many new animal species that inhabit our planet that are just waiting to be discovered.Is Bigfoot real? Does the Megalodon still feast on whales deep beneath the ocean depths?Most people will argue against it, but I'd like to imagine that the possibilities, although far out... are still there.

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Jan 14 2015

Top 5 Strangest Sea Creatures

World’s weirdest, strangest, and most unbelievable deep sea creatures ever discovered. These bizarre sea monsters are absolutely amazing! World’s Weirdest Sea Creatures Sarcastic Fringehead!¬†These monster like fish are extremely territorial and super aggressive! Don’t venture too close to their homes as they will attack you like a bat out of hell. Fortunately they only grow …

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Jan 13 2015

World’s Most Toxic Snake

Meet the most venomous snake in the world. The Belcher’s sea snake aka Fainted Banded Snake and its venom is so powerful that no other snake on the planet comes close. Scientific name –¬†Hydrophis belcheri. The Most Venomous Snake in the World There is constantly a debate on what snake is the most venomous. Some …

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Jan 02 2015

Huge Shark! Real or Fake?

Can you guess which images are real and which ones are fake? 9 of the world’s craziest images with a combination of real photos vs photo shop trickery. Giant Shark Attacks Chopper Click to Subscribe!

Dec 30 2014

Shark Attack Real or Fake?

Here are 11 of the best photo shops you may have ever seen! These popular photo-shops took the internet by storm over the last few years fooling tons of people from all over the world. 11 Photo-shops That Will Fool You

Dec 28 2014

Zombie Apocalypse Short Film

Two roommates are in for the surprise of their lives… or are they… Zombie Attack

Dec 21 2014

World’s Worst Plague

This plague wiped out a third of the human population in the 1300s. It’s also known as the black death, and here’s what you need to know if you’re ever infected by it. The Worst Plague in History The bubonic plague, or black death, is a disease transmitted to humans by fleas and rodents or …

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Dec 13 2014

Telepathic Children Discovered

Although uncommon, it’s not new for there to be stories of autistic children demonstrating unusual powers of the mind. Such as playing unfamiliar Mozart concertos perfectly on a piano, instantly solving near impossible mathematical riddles, or displaying seemingly superhuman hearing or other heightened senses, and even in some rare cases a heightened sixth sense, also …

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Dec 11 2014

Giant Killer Catfish

Did you know that there is a giant catfish that has a reputation for eating humans? Monster Killer Catfish Meet the Goonch Catfish, also known as The Giant Devil Catfish, due to its huge size and its fearsome reputation as a stone-cold maneater. This freshwater behemoth is believed to be responsible for a string of …

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Dec 10 2014

History’s Worst Shark Attacks

Every year swimmers, surfers, and beach goers are attacked by deadly sharks and some are fortunate enough to live to tell the tale. These are 5 memorable shark attack victims that can be considered the worst attacks in history. Worst Shark Attacks in History

Dec 06 2014

A New Short Film – The Monday After

Here is a new short film I recently appeared in. Much different trying to act on camera vs just talking about animals in front of a green screen by yourself. This was a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to future projects like this one. Urban Legends – Web Series – S01 E01

Sep 07 2014

Monster Shrimp Creature Caught in Florida

A large shrimp-like creature was pulled out of the water by fisherman, who, because of its size, thought it was a lobster. Enormous Crustacean Caught This monster sized catch might forever change what we know about this species I’d like to thank Siming for sharing this with us on the Epic Wildlife Facebook Page, thanks …

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Sep 05 2014

New Dinosaur Revealed – Dreadnoughtus

A new prehistoric monster was just revealed and it’s super-massive. This giant new dinosaur discovery is from the family of titanosaurian sauropods which are the largest dinosaurs known to have ever existed. Meet Dreadnoughtus Drexel University professor Ken Lacovara named this giant species Drednaughtus which means “Fears Nothing” While it’s not confirmed yet, this could …

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Sep 04 2014

Mysterious Figure in Road

A mythological figure appearing on the side of the road has been labeled as the Skinwalker. The truth behind this photo as well as the legend behind the Skinwalker is revealed. Skinwalker – The Legend Revealed This photo claims to be of what the Navajo Indians call a Skinwalker. While this photo is creepy, the …

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Sep 02 2014

History of Giant Snake Attacks

Did you know there is a tribe in the Philippines where over 25% of the men have been attacked by a large constrictor snake? Agta Tribe and Giant Snake Encounters The tribe is the Agta who live in isolated mountain areas of the Philippines and considered the earliest inhabitants of the country. In 1976 Anthropologist …

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