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Our world is incredible with so many new animal species that inhabit our planet that are just waiting to be discovered.Is Bigfoot real? Does the Megalodon still feast on whales deep beneath the ocean depths?Most people will argue against it, but I'd like to imagine that the possibilities, although far out... are still there.

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  4. 9 Disturbing Things Found On Google Maps — September 25, 2015
  5. 13 Insects You Won’t Believe Exist — September 17, 2015

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Nov 12 2015

25 Animals That Will Kill You!

Beware! Here are 25 vicious and sometimes SNEAKY animals that will kill you. These are the most dangerous animals on the planet.                                                                   …

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Nov 09 2015

20 Bizarre Beach Findings

From strange & mysterious creatures found washed ashore to unimaginable items that will shock you, today we count 20 insane things discovered on beaches. Have you ever arrived at your favorite beach destination to find something completely unexpected? Well these people have, watch the video from Embrace Random and let me know how you would …

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Nov 05 2015

Strange Things People Eat!

From dishes brewed with maggots to eggs that have been aged to taste as if they were a thousand years old, these are the ten most bizarre things people eat from around the world. Top 10 Weirdest Foods From Around the World Would you ever eat any of these weird foods? I’ve tried a lot …

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Sep 25 2015

9 Disturbing Things Found On Google Maps

Google Maps has made our world smaller than it ever was; we can virtually explore every known corner of our world thanks to the technological recording of their tireless travel. Predictably, however, greater access to the world gives us startling views of weirdness we never imagined existed; it can be funny, confusing, odd, macabre, or …

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Sep 17 2015

13 Insects You Won’t Believe Exist

If you get even a hint of the shivers when you think about insects, bugs and other creepy crawlies, you’d probably better look away now! 13 Unbelievable Insects 13 – The Stink Bug These little critters may look pretty tame, but their name is a dead giveaway as to why they’ve made it onto this …

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Sep 14 2015

15 Unique Animals You Didn’t Know Existed

From the depths of the ocean to the tropical forests, these are the animals you’ve probably never heard of before unless you are a zoologist. Strange Creatures You Probably Didn’t Know Existed #15   Northern Bald Ibis The Northern Bald Ibis is considered to be critically endangered with only 500 left in the wild on Moroccan …

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Sep 09 2015

15 Large Monstrous Animals That Are Actually Real

Gather ’round young and old, but don’t get too close as we present to you ” 15 Abnormally Large Animals that are Actually Real 15 Enormous Animals That Are Actually Real! 15. African Giant Snail Africa does things big and this snail is no exception. Found in parts of East Africa, it can reach up …

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Jun 02 2015

Unbelievable Sea Creatures

Is this some strange mysterious creature caught on camera by the satellites at Google Earth? And what is this that washed up on a Tasmanian beach in 1960? These strange sea creatures and more coming right up! 15 Sea Creatures You Won’t Believe Exist! #15 Cockatoo Squid This is the cockatoo squid. Because of its …

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May 16 2015

Killer Whale Attacks Bear?

Real or Fake? A photo of a large orca attacking a bear has recently appeared on the internet. But is it real?

May 09 2015

10 Unbelievable Real Creatures

Meet these 10 incredibly strangest and rare creatures that exist in nature. Top 10 Very Unusual Creatures! A necklace made out of the infamous Glaucus Atlanticus

Jan 24 2015

Most Recent Chupacabra Sightings

Today we are looking into 3 recent chupacabra sightings, 2 happened last year ago in Texas and the 3rd one might be the most shocking of all time. Chupacabra’s Caught on Tape A chupacabra is a cryptid creature that was first reported in 1995 to have killed eight sheep in Puerto Rico. Its often described …

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Jan 20 2015

The Real Jersey Shore Shark Attacks

Most vicious shark attacks in history. A huge killer great white shark attacked men, women, surfers, swimmers and was eventually caught. Or was it? The Real Jersey Shore Shark Attacks of 1916 Jaws. The 1975 film that put Steven Spielberg on the map and taught a generation of us to watch out for fins every …

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Jan 16 2015

World’s 10 Weirdest Lizards

Meet the top 10 weirdest lizards in the world & subscribe to Wacky Universe for new top 10 lists every week.

Jan 15 2015

Bigfoot Sighting in Russia

Actual Bigfoot footage caught a Yeti on camera in Russia. This Russian bigfoot was discovered in a snowy forest in the Adygeya Republic in south-western Russia. The Russian team of scientist that captured film on the Yeti with their video camera claim they were startled when they heard the sounds of large bear-like creature walking …

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