Sep 27 2016

12 Unbelievable Animal Pictures Explained

12 Unbelievable Animal Pictures Explained

Green Goblin? — This picture from looks like it could be a baby dragon, although dragons are supposed to have scales, not fur. Others feel it might be some sort of little green goblin, in which case this is a job for Spider-Man. More level-headed speculation suggests that this creature resembles a baby raccoon with tiny spikes glued onto its head. While it hasn’t been positively ID’d, a raccoon would be a good guess since these crafty devils always seem to turn up in these ‘mysterious creature’ controversies. Remember the Montauk Monster? Check out this video from your friendly neighborhood Epic Wildlife: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IZH1_1NG_o
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Fairy Tale — In 2007, a person walking their dog in Derbyshire England found a dead creature that appeared to resemble an actual fairy. After detailed pictures of the creature’s wings, teeth, hair and skin were posted online, the story made headlines. Forensic experts examined the body and took X-rays that revealed the creature had hollow bones and its skeletal makeup resembled that of a small child. This picture from hoax-slayer.com does look convincing. But it was in fact a hoax staged by Dan Baines, a professional sculptor and illustrator as part of an April Fools prank. The website he set up to promote the ruse received 20,000 hits in one day from people who believed in fairy tales. Baines later made a statement on his website acknowledging the whole story was fabricated, and eventually sold the faux fairy on eBay in April 2007. And that’s no fairy tale.

Rhino-Mouse — Looks like the result of a bizarre experiment in gene-splicing, but that wrinkly skin is caused by a mutation that’s entirely natural … even if it doesn’t look that way. In addition to the hairlessness, these mice experience glandular problems as well as a variety of nail and skin disorders.

Happy Face Spider — No need to paint a smiley face on this insect … it already comes equipped with its own, as you can see in the picture from snopes.com! Native to four of the Hawaiian islands including Oahu and Maui, these spiders are quite small, only around one-fifth of an inch long. You’d have trouble spotting this spider due to its small size. But they also tend to hide underneath forest leaves throughout the day, making them extra difficult to locate. The markings are thought to discourage prey from eating it, birds in particular.

Penguins — We all like penguins, right? So cute the way the waddle about in their tux and tails. But these adorable creatures have a sharp little secret … And you can see it in this photo that was posted on reddit.com. Even though they don’t have teeth, penguins do have backward-facing fleshy spines that line the inside of their mouths. The spines help them in channeling their fish food down the hatch. Don’t stick a finger into one of the little birds mouths and you should be find.

What is it? — Could this be the animal world’s version of Mr Miyagi? Well no, but this little bunny was a hit when its picture circulated on the Internet back in 2009, which you can see here on He was simply born without fur. But a few months later, the fur grew in, and the bunny looked like any other rabbit.

A fisherman in Australia caught a very bizarre — and very rare — creature when he reeled in a fish that had two mouths. You can see it in this picture from the Daily Mail. This bream had a rare congenital disorder that duplicates parts of the victim’s face on another area of the head. The fisherman, Garry Warrick, said the fish’s top mouth opened and closed, but the lower mouth seemed to always stay open. In 30 years of fishing in the area, Warrick said he’s never seen anything like this. Do you think a fish like that could talk to itself?

Hummingbird Hawk-Moth — Found in warmer climates like Southern Europe and North Africa, this curious looking creature is actually an insect, not a bird … although it’s easy to mistake it for a hummingbird. Like its namesake this moth will make an audible humming noise while hovering, and uses its long proboscis (pro-boe-sis) to feed on flowers.

Sea Hare — First off, this is not a picture of a smoking taco. This is a marine animal called a Sea Hare.… The name was inspired by the growths on its head that resemble rabbit-like ears. Much like hares and rabbits, these aquatic animals are very good at multiplying. Sea Hares are hermaphrodites, possessing both female and male reproductive organs, and will essentially take turns with each other as they perpetuate their species. Millions of eggs that resemble spaghetti strands can be laid by a female Sea Hare. They definitely know how to keep things hopping!

Monster Cat — Can you remember back to early 2000? You might recall this picture from USA Today making the rounds on the Internet back then. In fact this photo of Snowball the 87-pound Monster Cat even became a topic on NBC’s Tonight Show and ABC’s Good Morning America. But in 2001 Cordell Hauglie, a man from Edmonds Washington claimed it was all a hoax. He used some software to manipulate a photo of his daughter’s cat Jumper that actually weighed only 21 pounds (9.5kg). Good thing a cat that big doesn’t really exist –how would you like to clean out THAT litter box!

Real-Life Alien — Remember that scene in the movie “Alien” where the creature bursts out of John Hurt’s chest? In this picture from ecol-mne.com, you can see a real-life version of that chest-burster scene. It was played out when a nose-horned viper ate a centipede … and the centipede managed to eat its way out of the snake’s body. Researchers in Macedonia discovered found the dead viper with the centipede’s head poking out of its ruptured belly.

Rocko — He weighs 167 pounds, and stands 7 feet tall … on his hind legs, that is. Rocko is a two-year old Great Dane who is in the running for title of world’s tallest living dog. He eats 8 cups of food a night and is nearly the size of a pony! You can see how just how enormous the animal is in these pictures from the DailyMail.com, as Rocko towers over Jessica Williams of Reno Nevada, one of his owners. Currently, Rocko measures 40 inches paw to shoulder, and he’s still growing. Guinness says the previous title-holder for world’s tallest dog was a Great Dane named Zeus from Michigan that passed away in 2014. Zeus measured 44 inches from paw to shoulder and was roughly the size of a donkey. But odds are, Rocko will be crowned top dog soon enough