Sep 06 2016

15 Biggest Pets in the World

15 Biggest Pets in the World
Esther the Wonder Pig — A couple from Canada adopted a so-called micro pig that was expected to grow to around 70 pounds. But this little piggy just kept growing until reaching a massive 670 pounds, making the two-year old pig nearly 10 times her expected size … and heavier than an adult female polar bear! Just take a look at the pictures from the dailymail.com, and you can see Esther takes up a lot of space. Chowing down over $1900 worth of vegan food per year, Esther literally ate her owners out of house and home … she got so big, the couple had to move to a farm to accommodate Esther and their other pets. That big size has brought the big pig some fame, too. She has a Facebook page with more than 230,000 friends. And on top of all that, Esther is toilet trained. But even at an impressive 670 pounds, Esther still isn’t the biggest pig on record. That title is still held by Big Bill, from Jackson Tennessee. Bill tipped the scales at 2552 pounds back in 1933.

Giant George — 43 inches tall, this Great Dane really was a giant. This canine from Tucson Arizona also held the Guinness record for World’s Tallest Dog and the Tallest Dog Ever. George had quite a fan base and kept in touch with followers via his website, Twitter and a YouTube channel. He even had his own book, “Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog”. Sad to say, Giant George passed away in 2013.

Ulric — Now here’s a really fat cat, tipping the scales at 30 pounds! The feline gained weight from the simple fact that he just loves to eat. His owner enrolled him in the People’s Dispensary for Sick animals, a veterinary charity in the UK that helps overweight animals by putting them on a 6 month diet and exercise program. Ulric was the heaviest finalist ever to appear in the PDSA’s fitness competition.

Ralph the Rabbit — At 55 pounds, Ralph held the Guinness Record for largest rabbit in 2013. The bunny from the UK was known to consume up $90 worth of food each week. Ralph’s size may have been a matter of DNA … His mother Amy once held the title of biggest rabbit, and his father held the record previous to that. Guess that big bunny size must run — or hop — in the family.

Trouble — Spell Trouble with a capital T which also stands for Tall. As in 19 inches long from shoulder to toe. That makes this feline the world record holder for tallest domestic cat. Trouble is is a Savannah cat, which is actually a hybrid … being part domestic cat and part wild cat, known as Serval (sir-vull), a species that’s native to Africa

Stewie — There seems to be a title for everything isn’t there? Well, Stewie from Reno, Nevada was certified as the world’s longest cat, and for possessing the world’s longest cat tail. Measuring 48.5 inches from nose to tail, Stewie seemed to have the cat in the bag … as far as earning that title, anyway! After battling cancer, Stewie passed away in 2013.

Zeus — A name fit for a king belonged to this king-sized canine. The Great Dane from Michigan was officially recognized by Guinness as the World’s Tallest Dog in 2013. Remember Giant George? Well, Zeus is the guy who usurped the title. Zeus’ 44 inch height as measured from foot to shoulder, beat out George by an inch, and gave Zeus the distinction of being the tallest dog ever. And when he stood on his hind legs, Zeus reached a height of 7 feet 4 inches, good enough to play in the NBA. Sorry to say Zeus passed away at the age of 5, in 2014.

Sammy the Tortoise — Sammy has a few claims to fame here. At 115-pounds the African spurred tortoise is certainly one of the world’s biggest pet tortoises. Sammy’s owner is his other claim to fame: he’s Colin Kaepernick, quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Wonder if the football player uses Sammy to run drills (FYI, ‘football player’ refers to American football, so you know). Kaepernick got Sammy when he was small enough to fit in the palm of his hand, and the animal grew enormously, feasting on apples, clover and leafy greens. No doubt Sammy is a 49ers fan.

Gary the Rat — Okay, make that Gary the Rodent if we’re to be politically correct. Actually, Gary is a capybara (cappy-barra), native to South America but adopted by a couple in Texas. At 120 pounds and 2 feet high, Gary is the world’s biggest pet rodent. One would hope so. His owners say Gary enjoys swimming in the pool, and lives peaceably with a veritable menagerie including rabbits, dogs, and a horse.

Bandit — Guinness named this 75-pound raccoon the World’s Fattest Raccoon. The massive weight gain was due to the animal’s thyroid problems. He was initially adopted by a dog and raised as one of her puppies, before being taken in by a woman in Pennsylvania. Bandit passed away in 2004.

Zorba — This English Mastiff from London tipped the scales at 343-pounds. And check out these dimensions: 8 feet 3 inches from nose to tip of tail, and 37 inches at the shoulder. Impressive, but that weight is what earned him the title of Heaviest Dog in the World as judged by the American Kennel Club standard. Since then, a St Bernard named Benedictine was said to exceed Zorba’s weight at some 367 pounds! However, that wasn’t independently verified.

Hercules — Given an award of honorable distinction of World’s Biggest Dog by Guinness in 2007, Hercules is an English Mastiff with a neck that measures 38 inches. Over 280 pounds, he’s much heavier and bigger than the breed’s standard of 200 pounds. Interestingly, photos of Hercules circulated the Internet … but those photos often featured the wrong dog! In these pictures from Snopes.com you can seem the huge dog on the right , walking alongside the couple with the horse. That’s the hoax. The real picture can be seen here … that’s the real Hercules with his owner. Guess owners and their dogs really do resemble each other. Hercules really did receive the accolades from Guinness, but he was misidentified in many photographs.

Goldie — From England, this goldfish weighed 21 pounds, measuring over 15-inches long and 5 inches high! His owner said that when she bought the fish he was just one inch long. My how they grow! Would you want a goldfish that big … let us know in the comments section

Big Jake — Sounds kind of like the title of a John Wayne movie. Big Jake wasn’t a cowboy, but a horse. With a height approaching 83 inches (210.2 cm) he was given the Guinness world record for tallest horse in 2012. The enormous equine weighs in at 2600 pounds and lives in Michigan and is said to stay on a strict diet of 1 and a half bales of hay and 40 quarts of oats per day

Darius — Remember Ralph the rabbit? Here’s another rascally rabbit. Darius has been recognized as the largest rabbit living at 52 inches long. He was originally bred for his meat, and at 49 pounds, he looks like he could’ve provided a lot of rabbit stew. Take a look at these pictures from thedailymail.com. Darius may not hold his title long, though. His son Jeff is actually expected to outgrow dad! Their owner says the two big bunnies crunch and munch through 2000 carrots and 700 apples at a cost of over $6000 a year!