Sep 06 2016

10 Biggest Animal Photos Explained

10 Biggest Animal Photos Explained

# 10 11 year old boy kills Hogzilla
This image shows an 11 year old boy showcasing his hunting trophy – an almost impossibly large “wild hog”. This image went viral in 2007 because of the sheer size of the kill. It was claimed to be 1,072 pounds and more than nine feet from nose to tail which is what earned it the nickname “Hogzilla”. The story of an 11 year old boy killing a giant hog with nothing but a pistol was immediately picked up and circulated by major news outlets. The publicity the hog accumulated brought a bunch of skepticism with it. However the story was eventually confirmed. The hog was shot on a wildlife conservatory where it was bred specifically to be hunted for sport by locals. The pig’s real name is Fred and was described as aggressive and violent. Although “Fred” isn’t exactly as intimidating as the name “Hogzilla”, it looks like this huge pig was the real deal.

# 9 Chinese Giant Salamander
Here is a picture of a giant lizard that is COMPLETELY undoctored. There was no photoshop involved in the making of this Chinese Giant Salamander. What might be even more amazing is that this salamander isn’t just a rare anomaly, this species regularly reaches gargantuan proportions. They regularly reach lengths of 6 feet long and can be 70 pounds! They’re one of the biggest amphibians in existence. Many people consider them to be “living fossils” since they’ve lived for so long without any drastic evolutionary change. They are actually critically endangered because of human encroachment into their ecosystems. With less access to space and resources, most of them don’t grow to their full 6 foot lengths anymore.

# 8 Monster Crocodile Captured
This giant crocodile was actually captured in the Southern Philippines and it might just be the biggest crocodile ever caught. This croc wasn’t captured until after a string of fatal attacks on locals, though. It was measured and this monster of an animal and weighed 2,370 pounds and 21 feet long. It is known for biting off the head of a girl who accidentally wandered too close to the animal. If you’re worried about animal rights, you have one less crocodile to worry about. The local town decided to build a natural park for it to live and be on display while still being safely away from the locals. This crocodile completely dwarfs the previous record holder for the largest captive saltwater crocodile which was only 18 feet long.

# 7 Giant Japanese Spider Crab
A crab of this size seems like it could only exist in video games but the Japanese Spider Crab is a very real thing. They regularly grow to 4-5 feet in leg span, but a few of these crabs have been found to be more than 10 feet long! These strange crabs creep around on the seafloor eating anything that is smaller than them. They will even eat the dead carcass of a fish that’s bigger than them if they can find it! They’re claws are also super powerful like a vicegrip on the end of a 5 foot long pole. This particular image of a Spider Crab is one of the bigger ones ever found.

# 6 Big Cow Chilli
This cow just might be the biggest cow in the world. You would think this gal is a resident of the U.S. with all our growth hormones and tendency to supersize everything, but Big Cow Chilli is British! At 6 feet and 6 inches tall, Big Cow Chilli is easily the biggest cow in the U.K. and taller than any recorded cows in the States. Chilli was left on the footsteps of Somerset farm when she was just two days old. Now, she has defied all odds and grown into a big healthy and happy cow. Even though she’s as big as a small elephant, all she eats is the grass growing around the ranch she lives on.

# 5 Giant Rat Found
Giant Rats are no longer just a nuisance in every single fantasy video game ever, they’ve crept into the real world. This dog-sized rat was found skittering around the back room of a Foot Locker in New York City. That sentence was gross in like 4 different ways. This rat is thought to be someone’s pet Gambian pouch Rat that escaped and started wreaking terror on New Yorkers. Adult Gambian pouch rats grow to 3 feet, which looks about the same size as this Foot Locker rat. Apparently the giant rats of NYC aren’t only terrifying to us, they can also gang up on cats and scare them off or take them down. On the bright side, if there are giant mutant rats running around the shadows of New York City, there’s probably a good chance that there are giant mutant turtles out there too.

# 4 Giant Pig from China
A farmer from the Liaoning (lee-awning) Province in China raised the biggest pig ever in recent history. The pig was fed high quality foods and was kept in a luxury pin but grew too big to move around normally. It died in February 2004 at only five years old from a lack of exercise. The giant pig weighed 900 kilograms or 1984 pounds – that’s nearly one ton! It was 8 feet long and had an 8 foot waist too match. Although the taxidermied pig is now up for display at the Liaoning Province in China, it was not granted the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest pig. That goes to a pig named Big Bill that lived in the 1930s that was 1300 kilograms in weight.

# 3 Big Bull in Pakistan
This big and beautiful bull was raised in Pakistan, specifically for Qurbani (ker-bannih). A Qurbani is a sacrifice of an animal on specific days of the year for the pleasure of Allah. In Pakistan, during the days when an animal sacrifice is allowed, Muslim Pakistanis can be seen parading the biggest and finest bulls around before sacrificing them. After all the sacrifices are complete, they are free to consume the parts of the animal allowed for consumption or give it away to anyone who is in need.

# 2 Giant Snake Ate a Man
This is the photo of a Python that allegedly ate a living person who passed out in front of a liquor store. It certainly doesn’t look photoshopped, but is that popular story attached to this image true? This photo of a giant snake has been attached to stories of it eating a person from all over the world. This exact image has been posted alongside stories of a living person being swallowed alive from places like South Africa, China, and India. Unless this snake is on a serial human eating spree, that story is probably fake. Although it’s definitely eaten a large meal around the same time this photo was taken, it’s probably a deer or calf rather than a whole person.

# 1 Giant Whale Shark Caught in China
Whale Sharks are the largest fish in the sea. They are anywhere between 18 feet to 32 feet in length. Although they look like they’re big enough to wreak havoc like Jaws could never hope to match, luckily for us, they exclusively filter feed on plankton. These images show the elusive Whale Shark being caught and consumed by fishermen in China. The fish was so big it needed to be lifted out by a crane and took over an hour to get it onto dry land. It was promptly butchered into giant filets for everyone to share and enjoy. Unfortunately, like most sharks, they are vulnerable to extinction.