Mar 15 2016

Funniest Cats Compilation 2015

30. Hold up.

Just hang on for two seconds please, I have to adjust the timer on the camera.

29. Caution – Toilet may be wet.

This cat learned that you can fall in a toilet bowl the hard way. We all know how much cats love water !

28. Hey, you want some coffee?

This guy must scare his owner all the time ! I would freak if I saw this cat in the dark !

27. It was THAT big !

This cat seems pretty excited about explaining the size of the monster that chased it last night !

26. Save the Date !

Weddings are a wonderful time, sometimes even the pets join in on the fun. This cat decided to jump into the intimate photo that the bride and groom were sharing !

25. Bond… Cat Bond.

Dressed to impress this cat seems to have it all ! Swagger, tuxedo, crazy long mustache. Everything to impress the lady cats !! He just needs to put his seatbelt on to complete the image.

24. Stumped !

This little guy is super confused by the see through wall separating him from his buddy ! What is this sorcery? On a side note, why is there a cat just chilling in a jar?

23. Prepare yourselves, winter is coming !

The parka this cat is sporting is awesome ! It looks very comfy. Being prepared for winter time can prove crucial when it is freezing outside, with the proper clothing the fun doesn’t stop !

22. Christmas Card

Don’t you hate it when you have to look serious and take photos for the family Christmas Card? I don’t think this cat cares at all ! He seems proud of his Christmas tree.

21. Mistakes were made…

On a scale of 1 to 10, the level of worry for this cat must be 11. Seems like it is stuck between a rock and a hard place. The unfortunate series of events that lead to this cat being in the middle of the pool, begging to be saved must be hilarious.

20. Hey, can you hit me up on facetime later?

This cat is amazed to see it’s owner on facetime ! Even our pets are utilizing technology to the fullest and I am glad that people can connect with their pets through a camera, it is pretty awesome.

19. Hungover

This cat seems like it had a blast last night. Hanging out with all the barbies must have been exhausting after the 4th hour of listening to their problems with Ken.

I wonder how much catnip was consumed…

18. Partners in crime

It is only fitting that the cat tries to get the dog in trouble ! Thankfully the owner of the pets has seen through the diabolical plan and is shaming both of them.

When you look at their faces in this picture you can clearly see who the mastermind is.

17. Glitch in the matrix

Someone took the red pill ! These cats look eerily similar and are sporting the same pose and look ! I wonder if there was a rip in the time-space continuum when this picture was taken.

16. Another wedding photobomb.

These cats never learn ! They always want to be the center of attention, even at weddings. At least this time around, everyone seems to notice the cat.

15. Look at me…

Look at me. I am the baby now. This is my bed. I rule this house. This is exactly what this cat must have been thinking when this photo was taken.

14. And this little piggy went to the…

He went to the vet. Maybe he is having an identity crisis, or maybe his owner just likes to have some fun ! The tongue being out really completes this picture !

13. Hey… Psssst. Over here

You want some catnip little kid? This cat looks like a drug dealer trying to persuade you that drugs are good for you and not that addicting. Beware of cat drug dealers, they are vicious and will stop at nothing to ruin the next generation !

12. Halp !

This cat seems stuck, and unwilling to ask for help. The stubbornness of some of these cats is astounding ! The good thing is, it makes for great photo opportunities !

11. Seeing snow for the first time !

This fella is amazed by his first snowstorm ! Must be a magical feeling ! It won’t be long until he realizes how cold the snow is and that it isn’t all fun and games…

10.Safety first

Every motorcycle rider knows that helmets save lives. That is why this little kitty bought the best helmet on the market. It does seem like it is a little too big though.

9. Oh hey, didn’t see you there.

Or here. Wait, where are you ? No matter how derpy a cat looks, it never takes away from the cuteness !

8. Hope you didn’t need that box…

because it is officially my chill spot now. Cats really don’t care about the inconvenience they cause sometimes. This fella decided that this box was a couch now, you try to explain to him he’s wrong !


Calm down, it was just a dog ! This cat freaked out, BAD. Destroyed some vegetables and still looks like he is freaking out. Breathe in…. Breathe out… Breathe in…. well you get the point ! Just relax.

6. Tug of War Champion 2015.

This cat is giving it his all for the championship ! The sheer determination in its eyes is quite inspiring ! Catch all the action on ESPN9 El Gato !

5. You laugh now…. but once I get out of this

You have no idea what wrath is until you have been attacked by a vengeful, pissed off cat. I guarantee you that this cat is plotting the worst revenge to his owner for all this humiliation.

4. I got it.

now what? This cat seems very confused. Considering it is on a leash I guess it is an inside cat with outside instincts. It looks like it has no idea as to what to do with that lizard !

3. Giving up.

Sometimes giving up isn’t the worst. After the pyjamas and the cone of shame there is not much more that can bring your cat spirit down. This guy seems to be on the verge of just laying there forever !

2. Hey man, have you heard of MGMT ? Great band man… Great band.

This cat is one nose piercing away from becoming a true hipster ! I can only imagine all the crazy catnip stories that he feels obligated to share with everyone at the party…for the 20th time.

1. I wonder what this does.

Hmmm… There’s a ladder here and something moving at a high rate of speed. This needs to be investigated !

What makes me wonder about this photo is the fact that the owner decided to take a picture of his cat possibly about to kill itself, instead of, you know, saving it !