Mar 14 2016

Scary And Mysterious Creatures

15 The Dover demon!
Hold on to your hats because this thing is seen in three times in the same place which is Dover, Massachusetts. It looks hideous and people are starting to question its origins. Is it from earth? ,Is it from space ?No one knows for sure . Several things are known and those things are that it has a big head with disproportionately huge eyes . It probably is cold all the time because it doesn’t have any fur on its body and it has a skin that will do to your hand the same thing that the sandpaper will do to your skateboarding shoes. I have no idea how this creature is able to hear you just because it doesn’t have any ears. How will it eat you if it has no mouth and how does it have a scream that can make the hairs on your back stand up when it has no whole from which it could exit, but as we all know the eye witnesses saw what they saw. The only thing that can make you fill your pants is its height of 3 feet which is ….really scary!

14 Jersey Devil!
This thing presumably lives in Pine Barrens of Southern New Jersey and its story is keeping it alive for almost 200 years. This abomination is described as a disfigured horse with bat wings and a tail by unknown sources which I really hope are not witnesses. The legend behind this beast involves a mother, her 13th child, the devil and a chimney from which the cursed child ,now transformed into a Chernobyl like Pegasus wanna ,be flew out. In the early 1900’s, a lot of people from New Jersey claimed to have seen the flying beast and most of the stories were supported by footprints which combined with fear inducing stories are the reason that people still believe in the Jersey Devil till this day.

13 Flatwoods Monster !
Most of the sources of information claim that this is a kind of alien which came to earth thanks to a huge flying saucer which had some kind of unfinished business in the town of Flatwoods, in Braxton County, West Virginia. The reports of the creature state that it is 10 feet tall with green body and a face that glows red and some sources even speculate that it may have wings . It presumably have a spades shaped head and disproportionately big eyes that can stare right in to your soul. For unknown reasons its body resembles that of a female and it appears to be dressed in some kind of a skirt. Long story short a monster bird lady. Could that be her? Don’t think so.

12 Owlman
The story of this strange being originated In 1976 In Mawnan, Cornwall . On the 17th of April 1976 the creature showed itself to the public by hovering over the Mawnan church tower. For reason unknown to this day until August 1978 all of the reported sightings were at this exact same location. This being is described to have the size of a man with the physical attributes of an owl with pointed ears, red eyes, grayish claws . This unknown creatures bears a resemblance with the Owlman probably thanks to its bird like wings. The strange fact is that just prior a sighting of the Owlman it is said that nature goes wild in a sense that animals start to behave in unnatural ways and some UFOs may be seen near the area just before the creature makes an appearance.

11 Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp
This being is said to lurk in the swamps around Lee County, South Carolina. It all began on June 29, 1988, with the most recent testimonies dating to February, 2008. This monster is said to be 7 feet tal with lizard skin and glowing red eyes. The story claims that it has only three fingers on its arms and feet and it is able to climb walls just like Spiderman would. It is said that it possesses great strength thanks to which it has presumably destroyed a lot of cars misfortunate enough to be closer than reasonable distance from its lair.

10 Bunyip
A monster like this come straight from the Australian Aboriginal Mythology and it prefers water sources either moving or stationary . It closely resembles a walking starfish that can move on land as easily as in the water. Other sources describe it as having a dog snout , dark fur, a horse tail, flippers, and the tusks or horns of a walrus.
9 Sigbin The Sigbin story comes from the Philipines and speaks of a blood sucking creature hiding in the dark. It is said that it walks backward keeping its head low .Moreover it can turn invisible whenever it whants and no wonder that humans stand no chance against it. It is described as a deformed goat look alike with clap able ears and a tail that doubles as a whip. The Sigbin is said to smell revolting which is the one of the few weaknesses that can give it away while it hunts .

8 Canvey Island Monster
An unidentifiable creature found washed ashore on Canvey Island, in November 1954 was all it needed to set the ball rolling for this story . Oddly enough in August, 1955 a second carcass was found. The specimen was described as being almost a meter tall with ochre skin,big eyes and gills. It had only back legs with 5 fingers each and it was speculated that it can run fast enough to catch prey. The fact that astounded the scientist was the perfect condition thank to which the creature underwent different test and examinations. What were the results of those tests and what happened to the body is still a mystery to this day.

7 Pope Lick Monster
In most accounts, the Pope Lick Monster is described as a mix between a goat and a man that walks on two legs . It has powerful goat legs, an a rough face with wide nose and weird eyes. It is stated that it has horn with the same color like its fur . It is said that it lures its victims infornt of incoming trains either by hypnotizing them or by imitating human cries for help . Other sources suggest that it uses an axe and it stalks cars as they pass under its bridge so it can jump on them so it can surprise and terrify its victims.

6 Goatman
Described again as a mix between a goat and a man it closely resembles something that you can find in the ancient Greek myths and legends. Eyewitnesses claim that it’s more than just a myth due to the fact that people saw it living and breeding in the area of Forestville and Upper Marlboro in Prince George’s County in 1957. Following that wave of sightings, the beast disappeared for 5 years and when it reemerged it was accused of killing fourteen people ,most of which children, that presumably came too close to its hiding place.
This is a creature that many people believe that either came from military experiments or straight form out of space. Physical descriptions of the creature vary. The earliest reports of the monster are from 1995 in Puerto Rico, and it have since been reported to be seen almost all around South America. It is supposedly a small but powerful creature that can fly and it leaps onto it’s pray to suck its blood leaving intact bodies with holes in them which are told to be made with surgical precision. Years ago some people claimed to have caught one but soon after the investigation started this story turned out to be totally fake.

4 Ogopogo
This monster is said to be Nessies doppelganger . It lurks in the depths of Lake Okanagan Ogopogo in Canada and it has first been witnessed in 1850 by a group of locals that claim it is big boned, dark-colored and has a long body shape. The creature emerged from the lake swam about and dived and disappeared as fast as it initially appeared but the people had enough time to notice that it was quite old and it knew its surroundings well . Initially they thought that they saw a huge water snake but later on came to the conclusion that it was much more than that and gave it the name Ogopogo.

3 Yeti 

Just like the Bigfoot this creature lives in the Himalayan mountains and it is perceived by the locals as a protector of the forest. The yeti is speculated to be the missing link between the monkey and the modern day human. It is said that in its role as a protector it will not attack if unprovoked and will intervene if a any kind of wrongdoing is being done to the forest. It is described as a huge furry creature resembling a two legged monkey. The scientific community generally regards the Yeti as a legend, given the lack of conclusive evidence, but it remains one of the most famous creatures of cryptozoology. Stories of the Yeti first emerged in the 19th century.

2. Loch Ness Monster (Nessie)
The Loch Ness Monster is speculated to be a somehow surviving brachiosaurus living in Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands. It is described like many other monsters that supposively live in other Scottish mountain lakes. Since its allegeable existence that is said to date as far back as 1933 it has been much disputed busted as a myth and proven again with new evidence. The evidence consists of photos that are kind of hard to believe and sonar readings. What can we say sometimes you either believe or not, or you want to believe…or not.

1 Mongolian Death Worm
These animals are said to lurk beneath the sands of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. These worms are claimed to be over a meter long and able to ambush it’s pray which can even include unaware humans. It is said that they stalk their prey until it comes in range and after that take a big bite out of it and inject it with its venom. After that the worm would slowly back away and patiently wait to devour what’s left. Although this being bears the name of Mongolian Death Worm, scientists believe, this animal is not a worm because they can’t survive the desert conditions. They speculate that it can be a snake, but the theory does not have strong evidence to sufficiently back it up.
What is real and what not we leave up to you ! Even if all of them are hoax they sure make a hell of a goodnight story. If you liked the video and you whant to see more , please subscribe to our channel!