Mar 09 2016



The man in these videos is conducting some kind of weird experiment with chicken eggs and the results can only be described as insane.

Today I’m trying to figure out what  he’s doing and what these creatures are…

This story was not submitted to me and this video was not shared with me on our FB page…

In fact I discovered this all by accident just mere hours after the man had just uploaded his 2nd video in this series.

I was trying to find a funny Donald Trump meme to post on my personal FB page and somehow I found myself on 4chan a place I have only visited maybe once before.

A few clicks later this question and this image caught my eye and my curiosity got the best of me.

I followed the YouTube link and next thing I know I’m bored out of my mind watching a man speaking a language I don’t understand inject something into an egg and then wrapping it up in stocking cap.

So I fast forwarded to the good part and this is what I saw. Notice, that whatever it is, its alive.

I immediately messaged Angela the link and told her I had to find out what the hell this guy was saying, and you can see by her response it shocked her too.

(According to some on the 4chan thread the man is creating a Homunculus.

Homunculus is latin for “little man.”

It originates in sixteenth century alchemy, where using “alchemical processes” a miniature fully formed being is created.

Paracelsus is credited with the first mention of the homunculus in De homunculis (c. 1529-1532), andDe natura rerum (1537).

This all derives from an early biological theory called Preformationism.

To dumb it down for not just you guys but me as well, at one point in our history, scientists actually believed they could see “miniature replicas of human beings inside the sperm.”

It wasn’t until better more powerful microscopes became available that they were able to see that at the very earliest stages of an embryo, that it was just a collection of cells, that would then form into a fetus and eventually a fully developed child.

Paracelsus described the method for creating Homunculi in his book De Natura Rerum.

“That the sperm of a man be putrefied by itself in a sealed cucurbit for forty days with the highest degree of putrefaction in a horse’s womb, or at least so long that it comes to life and moves itself, and stirs, which is easily observed. After this time, it will look somewhat like a man, but transparent, without a body. If, after this, it be fed wisely with the Arcanum of human blood, and be nourished for up to forty weeks, and be kept in the even heat of the horse’s womb, a living human child grows therefrom, with all its members like another child, which is born of a woman, but much smaller.”

Did this creep Paracelsus actually inject human sperm into a horse and produce a child?

Is the man in the video duplicating this experiment?

Is this what the man in the video is creating a Homunculi?

I ran the title through Google Translate and both mean “How to Make a Homuculus.”

On the 4 chan thread, someone gives a brief translation and states that the man injecting his own sperm into the chicken egg and letting it incubate for 10 days.

When running the descriptions through Google Translate, in video #1 he confirms that he is following Paracelsus experiment but his first result was an abnormal being with the intelligence of a parasite.

But even more disturbing is in the description for video #2, he states that this is 5th attempt and has been relatively successful only twice. But considers continuing on conducting these experiments.

Ultimately, the man is so disgusted by the creature he claims to have had a hand in creating that he puts it down on the table and smashes it with a book.

I for one don’t really know what to think about this video. But if you can translate, contact me on our FB page.

I am not a biologist, or a scientist at all, just a guy on the internet who debunks hoaxes.

But all this does raise some ethical and moral questions regardless of whether what he’s messing with and ultimately killing is animal life, human life, or some kind of weird, animal human hybrid.