Mar 02 2016

MEGALODON CAUGHT ON CAMERA – Evidence Shark Still Lives?

Today, we’re investigating video footage of an aquatic beast of epic proportions filmed somewhere near the Marianas trench. Is this actually footage of a living megalodon?

This footage has caused quite a stir and the subject of covering megaldon has been requested a few times from our Hoax Factor Friends.

Eve though the earth is only about 6,000 years old ,

Its actually more like 4 billion you creatards…

The Megaladon (meaning “big tooth”) is supposed to be an extinct shark that lived from around 28 million years ago up until about 2 million years ago.

But there have been reports of giant sharks all throughout history.

The megaladon was..or is depending upon what you believe the largest and most powerful predator in “vertebrate” history.

While it looked like a great white shark, this colossal creature may have grown to be anywhere form 79 – 82 feet in length, but most experts have settled on a more diminutive size of 52 feet.

Could there be something that big lurking under the ocean’s surface?

Your guess is as good as mine, but the facts are that 50-80% of all life on earth lives under the ocean’s surface, and 99% of all living space on the planet is in the ocean, but yet we’ve only explored approximately 10% of that.

So who knows what’s lurking in the deep.

In Australia a 9 foot great white that was being tracked by biologists disappeared, the shark’s tag washed up on the beach days later.

Three facts are kn own about the attack:

The shark either dove or was dragged down to a depth of about 1900 meters.

The tag data showed that there was a sudden increase of temperature from 46 to 78 degrees indicating that something either ate the tag, the shark or both.

During the 8 day period before the tag was discovered. Whatever had eaten the shark moved between the surface and depths up to 330 feet before the tag was released.

Which lead Dave Rigs the documentary filmmaker for Hunt For The Super Predator to ask ‘What did that?’ It was obviously eaten. What’s going to eat a shark that big? What could kill a 3-meter (9-foot) great white?”

Whatever it was, was not afraid of eating a 9 foot great white shark.

Some hypothesize that it was a great megaladon, but evidence points to it most likely being a a cannibal great white shark which they estimated to be about 16 feet long and weighing over 2 tons.

Whatever is in this video looks to be much bigger.

In another case it was claimed that a giant shark washed up on a beach in Australia. At first glance this video would seem to confirm the existence of what could be a megaladon. But in fact as reported on CNN turned out it was in Long Island and was a dying basking shark that was over 26 feet long and weighed over 5,000 pounds

26 Feet long… that’s almost as high as a 3 story building.

Another video purports to show something massive, at least 60 feet long lurking beneath the water as a Brazilian coast guard chopper performs a rescue at sea.

But dammit, yet another one of those bull shit fake mockumentaries from what was at one time a respectable company that used to produce shows about real science, but now instead chooses as famed geek icon Whil Wheaton stated in a blog post to “present fact as fiction.”

This fake footage was part of the Discovery Channel’s show titled Megalodon: The Monster Shark Lives, where they not only faked this footage, but even claimed to have found a photo taken from a German U-Boat near Cape Town, South Africa in 1942

IN 2015 This footage was all over social media like Kim Kardashian’s ass on a toilet seat.

Still not a megaladon, this footage was shot by researcher Mauricio Padilla off of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. The shark in the video is Deep Blue an estimated 20 foot long Great White, quite possibly the largest one ever filmed.

So what about this video, is It real and is it a megalodon?

The footage is real, the shark is real. But it is not a megaladon.

This is actually very rare footage of a Pacific Sleeper shark filmed in Shagaru bay Japan.

The Pacific sleeper shark usually grows to be about 14 feet long…and this one in the video is estimated to be about 23 foot…once again almost as tall as a 3 story building.