Feb 24 2016

Giant Anaconda Snake VS Dog – Real Fight

Today we’re investigating another crazy image and video of a giant anaconda, but this time its attacking a dog!

I was sent this image and video of a battle between a giant anaconda and a dog on our Facebook Fan Page by Joe.

The dog looks to be a white pit bull and the snake a giant green anaconda which one do you think would win?

Pit Bulls are some of the toughest, but sweetest dogs around.

Originally bred as fighting dogs by cross breeding bulldogs for their strength (aka bull-baiting dogs) and terriers for their agility.

These dogs were like super soldiers pups designed to take down bulls and bears.

Pit Bulls have a bite strength of 235lbs per square inch.

Dog fighting is illegal in the US and The animals are now used as catch dogs in hunting as well as family pet.

Giant Anacondas according to expert Jesus Rivas on his web page with a design straight out of the internets circa 1998

Anaconda’s are the world’s largest snake and can be found in South America.

these colossal creatures can grow up to 17 feet long which puts them in the #2 spot for the longest snake in the world.

The giant green anaconda has a bite strength up to 600 psi.

But more importantly an anaconda has over 10,000 muscles contracting at the same time… during a national geographic experiment, a giant anaconda used up to 90 psi to squeeze a duck to death.

How powerful is that? Well to steal their explanation, imagine 90 pounds pushing on your body in just one square inch. Now multiply that 100’s of times across your body to account for the snake’s coils and you would be experiencing the pressure of a 9,000 pound school bus sitting on your chest.

The anaconda will just wrap itself around you, and squeeze you so hard it compresses the heart and stops blood flow and most likely crushes bones in the process.

So is this image real, and what about the video behind it?

And who would win this epic battle?

While a pit-bull is fast, strong and has a lot of bite power.

An anaconda is stealthy, and usually attacks is prey from behind to avoid injury, so if it held the element of surprise it would most likely win.

The image is not real…I did find the original of the pit-bull, but couldn’t locate the one of the snake.

Yes, its a bad photoshop, we already know that LOL. Have you seen the movie Anaconda and the horrible CGI that industry professionals concocted for that?

Some guy probably spent 15 minutes working on this, as opposed to the team of artists who worked on this.

Now the videos are real, and in the ones I could narrow down the originals for. The snake either won, or the dog had to be saved.

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