Feb 17 2016

Giant Anaconda Found In Amazon River – World’s Largest Snake (Hoax Or Not?)

Today we’re breaking down this video of a giant anaconda found in the amazon.

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The video footage was apparently shot from a helicopter somewhere over a river in South America of a giant anaconda as it slither’s its way along the coastline.

Anacondas and pythons compete for world’s largest and longest snake. While the python is considered longest, the anaconda is by sheer mass considered the largest.

The internet is full of giant anaconda stories that push that fact a little far.

The creators of these hoaxes don’t even take the time to confirm basic facts behind the hoaxes. Such as Anaconda’s aren’t even found in Africa.

While this giant anaconda has yet to be completely debunked, its pretty easy to see that its a photoshop.

Why would I assume fake? Because #1 Common sense.

And #2 something that large would create a lot of motion in water, and as you see by the image there’s no hint of a wake, or even a ripple.

Don’t get me wrong. I for one would love for some of this crazy shit to be real!

Whether its Aliens, Bigfoot or an angel dying in the middle of the streets in London.

But so far no evidence has been put forth on any of this.

Anacondas are real live creatures that if they choose, could very well eat us.

And I’m sure that there’s some huge massive monster lurking around somewhere in the range of 28 + feet. But not 100’s of feet.

As far as this video is concerned. I’ve tried finding the original image they used on the net. But so far no luck, but that doesn’t mean I should count it as real.

Why? Because common sense yet again.

Let’s break down this video really quick.

#1 The only thing moving in this image is the snake. Everything else is stationery including the boat over here on the river.

#2 When snakes move, we all know they move in a very similar pattern. This snake only seems to be moving as a whole, and not as a body made up of thousands of coils that propel it along the surface.

#3 Snakes leave a trail in the dirt. And this snake, a giant one at that, that looks to be well over 200 feet long leaves absolutely no devastation in its wake.

And last of all, this whole thing can be easily faked using something simple like After Effects and their 3 D camera tool.

This took me about 15-20 minutes and I’m not really even trying.

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Thanks again!