Feb 10 2016

TRYPOPHOBIA ALERT! Killer Insect Destroys Hand; Is It Real?

Today we’re investigating the disease destroyed this woman’s hand and is taking lives.

If you see this bug run, run as fast as you can.

This article which has been passed around social media along with this image, describes how this killer insect has invaded America and just touching it causes acid like burns on human skin and can lead to death within days.

It goes on to quote the website of the Center of Disease Control. (Actually Center for Disease Control and Prevention) claiming that “this insect spreads a virus to the place of the bodily contact and circulates the entire human system within minutes.”

What is this deadly virus they speak of? Its the India Contra Virus. Named so because this deadly insect was first spotted in India.

Since its invasion of the United States 1,000’s of people have been treated all over the country and as of January 1st of 2016, 100 people have died.

The states most affected by the virus are Utah, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Louisiana.

Are the bug and video real?

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The bug and video are 100% real, but the India Contra Virus is completely made up.

Let me break it down for you and why you should fact check everything you read before passing it.

However, if everyone did that, there would be no reason to make anymore videos. So a quick shout out and thank you to all those who lack critical thinking skills and aren’t skeptics.

First we’ll break down the article and then the bug and video.

killer bug

A quick look at the article will show you that:

#1 Its not the Center of Disease Control, but the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

#2 No real sources cited. Even though they cite the CDC as a source there is no clickable link leading to an article or quote on the official government site.

#3 They claim 1,000’s of people affected and up to 100 have died. This news would not just be on some random website on the net, but all over major media as well.

Look at how many news articles there are covering the Zika virus.

#4 If you look closely at this image you will recognize this one as an image that gets attributed to another hoax disease called the lamprey disease.

Named appropriately because someone just photoshopped a couple of lamprey eel mouths over some fingertips in order to trigger what some call a phobia, but is most likely a biological revulsion called…


Trypophobia while not a recognized condition, describes an irrational fear of holes.

Images like these are used often and in most cases as clickbait to get you to visit a website, or watch a video like this one. Admit it, you wouldn’t have watched the video if I used this image as the thumb

The bug is a giant waterbug found in North America, South Africa and India and is completely harmless.

The male of this insect exhibits what is called male parental care which means the female actually lays about 150 of her eggs on his back leaving him to take care of them.

This particular image was taken from this video which originated from a YouTube channel that focuses on special effect make up tutorials where QUEENKINGSFX has an entire playlist devoted just to phobias.

This disturbing effect was apparently created using spirit gum and peanut butter. Check out her entire video if you can muster up the courage to sit through it all.

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