Feb 08 2016

14 Strange Pets You Didn’t Know Existed

14. Dalmatian with Spots Only on Its Head

When you picture Dalmatians, you likely think of the type from the Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians. They have spots covering their whole body and usually have dark eyes. This special pup, however, has them concentrated to just her ears and face. A Dalmatian’s spots are from a type of gene known as the “ticking gene,” and sometimes, it isn’t completely expressed, making the dog mostly white with lightly-colored eyes.

13. Grey Merle Dog

blue merle
This dog, known as a gray merle mudi, looks like a mixture between a husky and a Dalmatian! Their long fur and multicolored pattern is quite uncommon, with less than 1% of mudi dogs since 1960 having this unique coloration. It’s not uncommon for mudis to have two differently colored eyes, but this canine is seen sporting the icy blue commonly seen with gray merle mudis. Because they are so rare, mudis are often Best In Show at dog shows, earning them a winning reputation.

12. Sphynx Kitten

Sphynx cats are commonly known for being hairless, but while they may appear to be, most have a fine “peach fuzz” type of fur. This adorable little Sphynx has skin wrinkled from here to next Tuesday, and his cute folded ears make you think of the always-loved Harry Potter character, Dobby. He may be tiny now, but Sphynxes are characterized to have a “pot belly,” but they are also packed with muscle and have powerful legs. Look out for this guy!

11. Budgerigar

The budgerigar, more commonly known as a “budgie,” is a breed of parakeet, and is the most prevalent bird species to be kept as a pet. The coloration of this budgie is normal, but the tuft of feathers at the top of its head is not. Normally, they have silky-looking feathers over their entire body, including their heads. You can tell this guy is a male by the blue patch on the base of his bill, called a “cere,” and by the extraordinary vibrancy of the green of his feathers. Female budgerigars, like most female birds, are slightly darker in color than their male counterparts.

10. Rat Cuddling with a Teddy Bear

More often than not, rats are known as filthy creatures that find their home in the sewers, but they can make really great pets. Generally speaking, they sleep curled up in a tight ball with their tails wrapped around their bodies, but this little rat is sleeping cuddled up with a teddy bear. How could you possibly condemn this little cutie to a reputation of being a disease-ridden pest? We sure can’t!

9. Bengal Kitten

Not all cats are hairless, of course, and the exotic-looking Bengal cat is certainly pleasantly furry! Contrary to its looks, the Bengal kitten you see is not a wild jungle cat, but a member of this actually very docile and friendly domestic breed. She’s a little pipsqueak for now, but Bengals are a sleek, muscular breed that loves to spend their time rambunctiously playing. To make this sweet little girl even more strange, Bengal cats love water!

8. Albino Puppy

Red eyes don’t mean evil! In this case, they mean downright adorable! This little puffball is definitely an albino, and not just a regular lightly-colored dog. You can tell by the rare pink color of its nose and lips and the red eyes, whereas a “normal” dog usually has dark skin under its coat, even if the coat is white. Albinism is a very rare trait, only occurring in less than 1% of canines!

7. Zebra Striped Pit Bull

Despite their reputation for being vicious creatures, pit bulls are actually big babies! Mostly, they can be seen with spots or a solid coat, but this quirky doggie has stripes that almost resemble those on a zebra. Pit bulls are great for families because they are not only very trainable, but are also known as “nanny dogs” because they are extraordinarily gentle with children. Protective and loyal, even the strange looking pit bulls can add warmth to any home!

6. Lil’ BUB

This sweet kitty is more commonly known as Lil’ BUB (yes, “BUB” should be all capitalized!). Big eyes make BUB very lovable, and her fame on Instagram and Facebook have earned her a reputation to be proud of. She has a genetic disorder that makes it hard for her to control her jaw, so her tongue lolls out of her mouth all the time. She’s overcome many challenges and has raised over $300,000 for animals in need; rightfully so, as she’s a rescue herself!

5. Muscle Pup

Muscle pup is surprisingly buff, and that’s because of the sad truth of steroid use in dogs. Sometimes, if used correctly as prescribed by a veterinarian, they can be useful to help control pain in dogs, but some owners use them as a way to juice up their dogs for illegal dog fighting. Short-term use of steroids can cause increased tiredness and hunger, but long-term use has much more extreme, and sad, side effects.

4. Venus the Cat

Calico cats are pretty rare to begin with, but Venus is an especially unique case. Her face is split right down the middle between ginger and black, even having two differently colored eyes. Her owner describes her as being “perfectly sweet with a deceptively big appetite,” and still cannot believe her kitty has gotten more than 600,000 views on YouTube.

3. Marnie the Dog

Found as a dirty, messy stray in 2012 on the streets of Connecticut, Marnie has warmed the hearts of everyone who sees her. She was adopted as an old dog (nearly 10 years old) four months after she was brought in to the shelter. Her head tilt is caused by the effects of an illness she had called Vestibular Syndrome, and her tongue hangs out of her mouth as a result of it being unusually long.

2. Mustache Cat

This tuxedo cat was also born with a perfect mustache! General qualifications for a tuxedo cat are a dark-colored body with a white chest and paws, sometimes even a white face, but this one has a dark face with bright white bristles! Sometimes, they even have a black spot on their chests that looks like a bowtie. Talk about classy! Tuxedo cat owners generally say these felines are gentle and happy, with an almost dog-like personality.

1. Puli Dogs

No, you cannot clean your floors with these mop-like looking dogs! Pulis are known for their dreadlock style of fur, and they’re usually black or dark brown in color. They’re valued for their energy and determination and have commonly been used as hunting dogs. “Family dog” is a great way to describe pulis, since they are loyal to a fault and very protective, which they can carry into old age with their agility and intelligence.