Feb 01 2016

10 Weirdest Pets Ever!

Most unusual pets ever! These weird and unique animals owned by people are some of the most amazing creatures

#10 Darius the Rabbit

If Darius’s owners bought him expecting a cute and cuddly small pet, they were in for a big surprise. This big bunny has already grown to 4ft 4in (1.3m) and weighs 49 pounds (22.2kg)! However his son Jeff is already 3ft 8 inches (1.1m) and expected to grow bigger than Darius. Darius and Jeff are Continental Giants which is one of the largest breeds of rabbits. Their owners report that it costs nearly $7,500 a year to feed them all the carrots and apples they can eat.

#9 Caplin Rous the Capybara

Caplin Rous was a Capybara and his name Rous stood for Rodent of Unusual Size. Although native to South America, Caplin lived in and was born in Texas. Capybaras are the largest rodents in the world, related to guinea pigs but weighing over 100 pounds (45kg) when fully grown. This may not sound like an ideal housepet, but Melanie Typaldos thought otherwise despite the fact that Caplin had bitten her on more than one occasion. Capybaras are semi-aquatic, and though Caplin Rous spent a good deal of his time indoors, he also appreciated a nice swim in the family pool. Sadly he died in January 2011.

#8 Medusa the Two-Headed Albino Snake

snake eating
Medusa is an albino Honduran milk snake with two independent and fully functional heads. In case you want one for yourself you should know her owner Todd Ray spent $50,000, or you can content yourself to watch videos of her moving, drinking, and eating online. Interestingly Ray was a Grammy winning record producer who worked with artists like the Beastie Boys and Santana. He also has a Guinness record for owning the most two-headed animals including a two-headed goat.

#7 Lord Byron’s Bear

Famously known as a romantic poet, Lord Byron was also a notable rule breaker. When Cambridge University forbade him from keeping his family dog on campus, he scoured the college’s rulebook for a loophole. Eventually, he found one. It seems that bears were not expressly mentioned as one of the pets that were not permitted on campus grounds, and so, he ordered one which lived in his dorm and was regularly taken on walks around the campus, and no one could make him get rid of it!

#6 Coco Chanel the Chicken

This bird is not like any chicken you have ever seen! She is a silky chicken, which means her feathers take on a very fluffy, almost hair like look. She’s so poofy that you can barely see her face! Nevertheless, Coco Chanel lives a luxurious life as a house chicken, sleeping in her own cushioned bed and riding in a purse when her owner needs to run some errands. Of course, true to her namesake, she also loves to be dressed up in little outfits!

#5 Max the Pot Bellied Pig

pig pig
Although pot bellied pigs do not grow quite as large as the 2,000 pound farm hog variety, there is still nothing really “miniature” about them. Max himself grew to over 300 pounds (136kg) over his astonishing 19 years of life. His remarkable longevity may have had something to do with living in the lap of luxury as one is want to do when one belongs to George Clooney. Max, the star, as Clooney referred to him, was frequently featured in interviews and photographed on the sets of George’s movies. Now he must be hamming it up in hog heaven!

#4 Jessica the Hippo

jessica the hippo
Hippos are widely considered to be one of the most dangerous animals living in Africa. Although they are herbivores, they are very aggressive and will frequently chase and kill other animals for sport. Hippos kill almost 3,000 people every year, much more than lions, leopards, elephants, or any other large animal on the continent. Jessica the hippo, however, lives quite peacefully with her family of humans and dogs and has never shown aggression toward any of them. This may be due to the fact that she was adopted by her new parents when she was just one day old; they rescued her from flood waters on the Blyde river over 15 years ago. Her owners see her as part of the family, though they don’t keep her captive- Jessica is free to roam the river as she pleases, spending some time with wild hippos, and is free to leave at any time. Perhaps the most amazing part of this story is that Jessica also has free reign of the house! She has learned to open doors and frequently wanders into the kitchen for a snack. Before bed, her owners give her a soothing massage and tuck her in on the patio with a blanket and pillow. Jessica leads quite a luxurious life for a hippo!

#3 Hulk the Giant Pit Bull

pit bull
Hulk is a pit bull owned by Marlon and Lisa Grennan, owners of a special kennel that trains protection dogs. He enjoys all the normal activities dogs typically do, like going for runs in the park or hanging out around the house with Marlon, Lisa, and their 3 year old son, Jordan. However, Hulk doesn’t really look like the typical pit bull. In fact, he is three times the size of one! Weighing in at 175 pounds (79kg) at only 18 months old, Hulk has certainly earned his name. On his hind legs, he stands as tall as a person, and can easily accommodate young Jordan riding around on his back without so much as a batted eyelash. Hulk has sired 8 puppies which could sell anywhere from $30,000 to $55,000 each!

#2 Neil the Lion

Tippi Hedren in a swimming pool with Neil the pet lion beside her.

In the 70s, actress Tippi Hedren opened her home to a sweet and good natured lion called Neil. He shared a home with her, then husband Noel Marshall, and daughter Melanie Griffith. Melanie and Neil were very close, and some nights, Tippi says, she would even find Neil cuddled up in bed beside Melanie! Allowing Neil to live with the family was, in many ways, a sort of “audition” for a film idea the couple had called “Roar” which was about a man who shares his home with 110 lions and other big cats. The movie did eventually get made, and Neil was moved to a wildlife preserve that Hedren founded. Later Tippi said she regretted having a dangerous animal around her daughter.

#1 Matilda the Alien Cat

alien cat
Ok, so she’s not actually a cat from outer space. Matilda was born right here on Earth. You might think this is just photoshop but it’s not. Due to detached lenses and near-complete blindness, Matilda’s eyes have taken on a glassy, otherworldly appearance.