Jan 26 2016

8 Mysterious Travelers from Other Dimensions

Traveling. Cool, right? Pack some t-shirts, underwear and toothpaste. Traveling to another dimension? Well that’s just downright cray cray. But it’s happened…or so “they” say. So here are top 8 Mysterious Travelers from Other           Dimensions. Cue the dramatic, somewhat creepy music!

8. Carol Chase McElheney


Riverside, California. Home to Etta James and the World’s Largest Paper Cup (seriously). It’s also home to Carol Chase McElheney. While traveling from San Bernadino to Perris, California, Carol decided to stop by her old stomping grounds of Riverside. However, when she arrived, nothing was as she remembered it. Landmarks had changed, streets were named differently, even the cemetery where her grandparents were buried was gone. But this was not a case of quick urban development. Ms. McElheney said that the whole place felt “eerie and dark”. Was this a case of too many psychedelics or had Carol Chase McElheney jumped to another dimension?

7. Shadow People


Just the name “Shadow People” is enough to get you running and screaming for mommy. Don’t worry, it gets worse. Shadow People are supposedly beings trapped in another dimension who temporarily appear in ours. If you see a shadow in your peripheral vision, looming in your door or feel it behind you, well, it could be a shadow person and they could want out of their current dimension. Author Hedi Hollis published a book on shadow people. If you see one, and you want them to leave your sight, according to Ms. Hollis, all you have to do is invoke the name of Jesus. That said, you’ll probably should “JESUS!” when you see one so you’re covered regardless. Meth addicts also experience seeing shadow people but that could just be the meth, not someone from another dimension.

6. The Man From Taured


Ahhh, Taured. A country known for it’s….wait a second. Taured doesn’t exist! One hot summer in 1954, a middle aged Caucasian man arrived in Tokyo. His passport (which was stamped multiple times) said that he was from the country of Taured. A country which had existed for thousands of years. When customs officials told him his country didn’t exist, the man said it was on the border of France and Spain. However, as we all know, this isn’t the case. Customs detained him overnight in a hotel. However, the next morning, the man (and all of his travel documents) had vanished. He was guarded by customs officials all night so there was no way he could have escaped. Was this an elaborate prank or had this mystery traveler travelled back to his own dimension where Taured is actually a country? http://weekinweird.com/2014/05/20/man-without-country-mystery-man-taured/

5. Lerina Garcia


You know that feeling when you’re out and about and you think to yourself “everyone is just crazy today”? Well, that happened in a big way to Lerina Garcia. It all started when Ms. Garica woke up and she realized that the sheets on her bed were different. No big deal, right? She went to work and no one knew who she was and there was no record that she worked there. Even her boyfriend was gone (with no record that he ever lived). Does Ms. Garcia have a case of amnesia or did she jump dimensions in the middle of the night?

4. Pedro Oliva Ramirez

Highway Light

Pedro Olivia Ramirez was driving his car in Spain in 1986. It was a route very familiar to him. While driving from Seville, Spain to Alcala de Guadaira, Mr. Ramirez rounded a corner only to find himself in completely uncharted territory. According to his own account, he heard a voice telling him that he had been teleported to another dimension. The cars, which passed him at eight-minute intervals, had small license plates and seemed weirdly outdated. He kept driving only to then find himself back at home. He attempted to re-trace his steps but was unable to find the other dimension. I guess this was simply a quick journey to another dimension.

3. Chaplin’s Time Traveler


Charlie Chaplin. You know, the guy with the moustache back when movies didn’t have sound. Back in 1928, Chaplin was debuting his newest film The Circus at Graumann’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Some black and white footage of the premier was found and it seems to show an unidentifiable woman talking on a cell phone. In the video, it clearly shows a woman, talking into something next to her ear. And, since it was 1928, even the flip phone had yet to be invented. Was this a visitor from another dimension or was it a time traveler?

2. Markawsi Stone Forest


Located in the Andes Mountains of Lima, Peru, the Markawsi Stone Forest is very cool, in a very creepy kind of way. Found here are large granite rocks in the shapes of human faces and animals (seriously, you can see it!). It can’t be explained how these rocks formed like this but some hypothesize that it could be a result of erosion. But here’s where it gets even creepier: there is supposedly an interdimensional door in the middle of the forest. While there have been several documented cases of phenomenon, Dr. Raul Centeno of Lima was visited by a patient who experienced paralysis on half of her body. Apparently she had been camping in Markawsi. She was walking and came up on a cabin with people dancing in 17th century attire. She was pulled away by a friend before she could fully enter the cabin and was paralyzed ever since. The doctor believes she experienced an interdimensional shift which changed the flow of her nervous system, thus causing the paralysis.

1. The Canadian Hipster


It was the early 1940’s in Canada. Citizens were celebrating the opening of the South Fork Bridge. There were many people there in clothing that matched the times….and there was photographic evidence. But one person stood out. The hipster. Seriously, it’s in the photo. It’s a guy in a printed t-shirt, a hoodie and some pretty modern sunglasses. Fashion-forward man or Canadian Hipster from another dimension? You decide!