Jan 19 2016

14 Most Muscular Looking Animals

From an animal that can pull 1,000 times its own body weight to genetically modified animals looking buffer than the most extreme body builder, these are 14 of the most muscular looking animals in the world!

14. African bush elephant. 

The African bush elephant is the largest land animal in the world. They can weigh up to 14,000 lbs and stand as tall as 14 feet. This elephant is so muscular that just it’s trunk is made up of over 100,000 individual muscles while humans only have 800! Elephants are capable of carrying up to 19,000 lbs. That’s over a 100 people!

13. Gorillas 

huge monk
While one of man’s closest relatives won’t be spotting for us in the weight room the gorilla has evolved to be an extremely muscular primate. Daily regiments of climbing and breaking trees, and the not so occasional fight with intruders, help build the muscles of these phenomenal ancestors. In fact some experts claim the silverback gorilla is 10, and in some cases 27 times stronger than a human being.

12. Python 

In his heydey, undefeated wrestler Hulk Hogan, referred to his biceps as 24 inch pythons, and the real things can grow up to 30 feet of muscle and stomach. Former pet pythons even muscled into the Florida everglades as an invasive species gobbling up native birds, deers, and alligators.

11. Buffalo 

Nearly hunted to extinction during the 19th century, for it’s meat and hide, the American Buffalo weigh around a 2000 pounds. Fast forward to 2015 they are a popular, low cholesterol, low fat, and high protein form of livestock. The buffalo is literally a ton of muscle.

10. Horses 

huge horse
Horseracing has a $102 billion dollar a year hoofprint in the United States, and Horses are it’s athletes and bodybuilders. These equines have fans, trainers, bodybuilding supplements, and even horse sports massage. All with the goal of training and breeding the strongest and fastest horses in an industry that dwarfs the spending of some countries’ military budget.

9. Lions 

Lightning fast, agile, and weighing up to 550lbs. The lion can break the neck of a human being with one slap, and deliver a bite that exceeds six hundred pounds per square inch. Adding razor sharp claws and pure muscle the lion is able to best prey that is much larger such as African buffalo, zebras, and wildebeests.

8.Pitbull Terrier

Often maligned and misunderstood the pitbull terrier is a gentle and muscular giant of a pooch, and it’s the body builder of dogs. Complete with it’s own market of training regiments, weight sets, muscle building supplements, and sports massage. And it’s paid off! When they aren’t showing off their six pack abs a pitbull can build enough muscle to pull a car. Go ahead YouTube it!

7. Belgian Blue Bull 

blue bell
The Belgian Blue Bull is a type of beef cattle, and it’s bred for its lean and extremely muscular frame. This trait is actually referred to as double muscling, and it yields much more meat. The Belgian Blue is new to the United States, but the agricultural industry is studying this mutation; and even engineering it into other animals such as pigs, and fish to help feed our booming population.

6. Double Muscled Pigs 

By tweaking a gene scientists have been able to cause pigs to build twice the amount of muscle mass they would normally build. Creating the double muscled pig, and possibly the future of meat. While the meat is leaner and more plentiful on the double muscled pigs the experiments are at a very early stage, and it’s going to be a very long time before double muscled super bacon is available in your supermarket.

5. Ultra Muscular Trout

Eat your heart out Governor Schwarzenegger. This trout has six pack abs and is the result of genetic experimentation, and it even produces it’s own Omega-3 oils. The end goal is to produce more meat to feed the growing world population using a little help from a genetic mutation occurring in the super muscular Belgian Blue Bull. It’s called double muscling, and scientists are tweaking the genes in animals like this trout the increase the amount of meat produced at commercial fisheries.

4. Ox 


Do you know someone who is strong as an Ox? It might just be an idiom, but Oxen have been our primitive tractors and forklifts for thousands of years. Throughout history hey have helped us build out aqueducts, plowed our fields, and build our cities. A single ox can pull two cars on its own. Oxen are able to pull heavier loads, over rugged terrain, and for longer periods of time than a horse can.

3. Dung Beetle

For an inch and a half long insect known for pushing poop around the dung beetle has legendary muscles. It’s amazing that a Gorilla that can lift ten times its own body weight, but a dung beetle can pull 1141 times its own body weight. If you had the strength of a dung beetle you would be able to pull several double deckerbuses. Scientists know of no other insect with this amount of strength and compared to the weight and size of other animals this is probably the strongest known animal in the world.

2. Grizzly Bear

bear 2
The North American Brown Bear or the Grizzly Bear weighs up to 790lbs, and stand up to 9.8 feet tall. These powerful omnivores eats both plants and animals, and has even been known to eat other bears like the black bear. Strong enough to toss around a 700lb dumpster like a beach ball, and it’s even been reported that a grizzly decapitated a moose with a powerful swipe of it’s paw. A moose is a sturdy animal on its own so if you see a bear it’s best to keep your distance.

1. Eagle

Eagles. Among the largest and most powerful birds of prey. Eagles are even ranked at the top of the food chain as apex predators. Strong enough to swoop in and grab prey as large as deer, and hunt territory as large as a 100 square miles. Eagles are able to carry 4 times its weight during flight, and are known as a symbol of strength and freedom.