Nov 27 2015

8 Most Notorious Bigfoot Sightings of all Time

Bigfoot caught on tape, famous sightings, mysterious creature footage and real evidence of Sasquatch, these are the 8 most notorious Bigfoot sightings in history.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             #8 CHILD IN GEORGIA


Unlike the Roger-Patterson video of 1972, this video was filmed by a 9-year-old boy who filmed the entire sequence in high definition. With the added details visible such as the overall shape, movement, and even the color of the Sasquatch’s feet is visible. The boy’s dog is not too happy about this visitor and makes a loud noise to warn them off, although since the boy yelling “Hey Bigfoot” was probably enough to scare whatever it was away on its own.


Who? A 9-year-old boy

Where? Georgia

When? 2010

Recorded? Yes, on video


big foot 2


Apparently Kowalski was hiking up in the Carpathian mountains when he saw something move behind some rocks. After waiting to see if he could see it again, it reappeared, and he saw what he believed to be a large ape moving between the boulders. As he begins filming, he sees other creatures moving and attempts to capture them as well. Unfortunately, the clip is quite shaky, and it is hard to make out many details. However, many enthusiasts believe that this is an excellent point of proof of Sasquatch’s existence. It would also show that the Sasquatch is not limited to North America but these large, secretive humanoids can be found around the world.


Who? Piotr Kowalski

Where? Between Slovakia and Poland

When? 2009

Recorded? Yes, on video



Known as the “Memorial Day Footage” this film shows a tall, dark humanoid running through a hilly area into the tree line. On closer inspection, you can see what appears to be a child on the humanoid’s back. While higher quality than earlier Sasquatch videos, this one is quite grainy and the details visible are limited. However, many people do criticize this footage and question whether it was just someone dressed up in a costume as the figure is estimated to be a mere 5 feet 3 inches tall.


Who? Lori Pate

Where? Washington

When? 1996

Recorded? Yes, on film


William Evans’ film is unique in that it shows what is to believed to be the first baby Sasquatch captured on film. If this is the case, this could be a major find for Sasquatch enthusiasts and researchers. Evans was apparently looking for the Sasquatches with the camera on his hip. He believed that Sasquatches are nervous of a human holding a camera in their hand as they can recognize it as some sort of threat. He was walking to get a better view of a large Sasquatch when he spotted the baby in the trees and panned the camera to get a better look. He says the film is so short as he felt threatened by the mother, the baby, and two other Sasquatches in the area.


Who? William Evans

Where? California

When? 2007

Recorded? Yes, on video


This film shows a large, gray creature walking along in the background as the one filming tries to keep up with it and keep an eye on it. It stops several times and appears to be inspecting the camera as it is being watched and then tries to get further away. The person filming this appears to be out of breath, nervous, and eventually runs back looking for his friend. Apparently they were out on a logging road to go hiking up in Alaska when they found this not even 50 yards from the road with nothing more than a small stream between them. The user who filmed this describes the experience as “…a scary sort of exciting feeling…” Surely, not an experience to be soon forgotten.


Who? YouTube User

Where? Ketchikan, Alaska

When? 2011

Recorded? Yes, on video


big foot 5 todd

Currently one of the most controversial pieces of footage of a Sasquatch. Todd Standing is well known for his website Sylvanic.com (which is no longer available) and for Les Stroud’s Survivorman show on Bigfoot. While many believe his footage to be nothing more than an elaborate hoax, there are many others who believe he has found more evidence to support Sasquatch existence than any other person. Even Les Stroud has said that he believes that there is evidence to support the existence of Sasquatches even though he was unable to obtain footage during the filming of his show. Standing even has plans to petition the U.S. Congress to accept Sasquatches as an endangered species which would force the United States government to not only admit to the existence of these creatures but it would also mean that they would be protected from any hunting or mistreatment in the United States.


Who? Todd Standing

Where? Alberta

When? 2014

Recorded? Yes, on video


This is a case of capturing something on film without realizing that is what you were doing. Johnny had taken his family on a vacation up in the mountains and had been filming them. Once they returned home, he was watching the footage when he noticed some unusual humanoids in the video. He now believes that it was a Sasquatch family as he several pieces of film showing these creatures in the background. He realized that they were not human as they moved differently and he wondered if one of the creatures was injured by the way it ran.


Who? Johnny

Where? Utah

When? 2011

Recorded? Yes, on film



One of the most famous films of a bigfoot and one of the oldest. Filmed in 1967, this film shows a large humanoid walking across the screen and then disappearing from sight. While this has sparked much controversy, Patterson maintained its authenticity until he passed away in 1972. It has been evaluated by Sasquatch lovers, scientists, and curious onlookers and the opinion is mixed between truth and hoax.


Who? Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin

Where? Orleans, California

When? 1967

Recorded? Yes, on video