Oct 21 2015

Mythical Creatures That Might Actually Exist

The world is full of stories about mythical creatures, supernatural beasts, and monsters of the night. For centuries we have passed these myths along from one generation to the next, bringing these monsters to life. These stories have remained alive mainly because it’s easy to believe that there is more out there. Every story, no matter how outlandish, originated from something… for whatever reason it may be. Creatures of the night have become not something to fear, so much as a form of entertainment. But… what if these stories had the slightest bit of reality? What if the horror stories about monsters that we’ve heard since we were children were stemmed from actual creatures?


  1. The Kraken  

In the dark, cold depths of the ocean lies a creature that awaits unsuspecting sailors that are brave enough to tread the water above it, so that the beast can make its move and bring the sailors, along with the ship, to their watery death… or so the legend goes. This creature has been around dating as far back as 2,000 years ago. What many people don’t know is that the Kraken is believed to be based off of The Giant Squid ,a shy, quiet animal that does in fact lurk in the deep of the ocean. Aside from weighing more than 400 pounds and measuring over 30 feet long, this animal is not as terrifying as the legend makes it seem. The giant squid is actually a very harmless animal that prefers to be left alone, and has no desire to interact with other creatures, especially humans.

kraken cryptid real


5.The Griffin

Half eagle, half lion, talons that could tear through flesh, and a beak to help. The Griffin myths date back to ancient Egypt. This majestic beast was said to be both a fearsome predator and an honorable symbol of wisdom, power and loyalty. The idea of the griffin stemmed from ancient gold miners discovering the fossils of a dinosaur called the proto-ceratops, which had four legs and a beak. When trying to understand and study the skeleton, which seemed to be guarding precious gems and metals, the miners realized that the skeleton seemed to fit the description of the magnificent Griffin.

griffin mythical exist


  1. The Vampire

Vampires are believed to be demons of the night that feed off of the essence of human blood. These creatures are described as pale, immortal monsters that burn in the sun, and can control the minds of humans in order to drink their blood, and often take their lives in the process. Vampires have become one of the most popular mythological creatures. One of the major reasons for the rise of vampire myths is a rare skin and neurological disorder called Porphyria, which is more often than not the result of family inbreeding that was present in medieval Europe. The effects on the human body can vary from pigment changes, blisters on the skin, deterioration of the lips and nose, and receding tissues of the gums and lips. There are, however, some humans without Porphyria throughout the world who believe that drinking human blood will enhance psychic abilities along with enhancing their mortal life. Freaky, right?

vampire mythical exist


  1. Siren

As legend has it, the Siren is just as beautiful as it is deadly. The siren is believed to have the tail of a fish and the body of a strikingly irresistible woman. She sings an alluring song that lures sailors to shipwreck and an inevitable death. Sirens are one of the most popular femme fatales in mythology. The stories and sightings have become more common over the decades. Some anthropologists believe sirens were inspired by a species of large sea mammals with fluted tails, named dugongs. A dugong from a distance could easily be mistaken for a siren. Dugongs are typically peaceful, harmlesscreatures. But they live close to shore, and approaching them too closely could cause ships to run aground on the shore or guide them into dangerous rocks, causing shipwreck, similar to the effect of sirens.  

siren mythical creature


  1. Loch Ness Monster

Loch Ness is not the only lake in Scotland to claim the existence of a strange waterborne creature within the depths of its water. The Loch Ness monster is the most popular of these fabled beasts. The stories have been passed down for hundreds of years, and rather than being a creature to fear, “Nessie” has become somewhat of a tourist attraction. In the middle ages, there was believed to be massive, dinosaur-like creatures living in the depths of Loch Ness and Loch Morar. Similar legends are told throughout Europe, causing skeptics to believe that these may have been the last remaining members of a once extremely prevalent, now extinct species.

loch ness mythical



A succubus is a supernatural entity that is said to appear in dreams, taking the form of a woman in order to seduce men. Legend has it that sexual interaction with a succubus can lead to mental breakdowns and even death. The succubus is a demon that traces back to medieval times. When having intercourse with a man, she is able to steal the essence of his spirit, leaving him weak, paralyzed or even dead. There is a popular belief that the stories relating to encounters with succubi have been linked to the commonly known medical condition sleep paralysis. It is suggested that accounts of people encountering succubi may have actually been hallucinations, a common symptom of sleep paralysis. Victims of this medical condition have also been commonly known to harm themselves unintentionally.

succubus mythical creature