Oct 15 2015

Signs That Mermaids Really Exist

We have all heard the myths and legends speaking of mermaids, Stories of mermaids date all the way back to Paleolithic times. When something dates back to a time before science was even prevalent it makes it a bit harder to deny the authenticity of the information. So why all the skepticism?



9. For years in Kilauea Falls, Hawaii there have been reported sightings of mermaid-like creatures. These numerous eyewitness reports and stories have been dismissed as old wives’ tales and tourism lures. November 17, 2014 the body of one of the mysterious half-human/half-fish creatures, washed up on the beach. There’s been no official explanation from any Hawaiian authorities, eyewitness reports say that government officials and scientists were quick on the scene and rushed to remove the body. A thorough examination of the mermaid like creature could prove their existence and possibly change the way we look at nature.

real mermaid body


8. Sightings of mermaids date back thousands of years. Even explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Captain John Smith wrote of their experiences with mermaids while voyaging through the ocean. Smith believed he saw ‘a big-eyed, green-haired mermaid in 1614 off the coast of Newfoundland’ and even claimed to feel love for her until he discovered she was in fact fish rather than human from the waist down. On January 9, 1493. Columbus added that the mermaids were by no means as beautiful as described in legends. Columbus wrote about the encounter with three mermaids that elevated themselves above the surface of the water.

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7. In the twelfth century a mermaid was caught in the waters off the coast of Orfold Castle in Suffolk. The master of the castle held the mermaid for about six months until she escaped and returned to the waters surrounding them. The stories say that she was quiet, elegant and beautiful. She never said a single word to her captors, and would only eat fish when provided with meals. It is said that she would never elevate more than her face from the water. She was cunning and curious, then one day she disappeared back into the depths of the ocean. Till this day it is said that the mermaid is seen near the border of the castle.

real mermaid woman


6. Mermaids were seen and heard in Zimbabwe in 2012 from men who were building a reservoir. They were in fact driven away by mermaids, and refused to return to work again. The mermaid reports were published in the papers and backed up by the Minister Nkomo. Apparently, all of the workers were terrified to go back to work and so the resolution was to brew traditional beer and offer it to the mermaids as somewhat of a peace offering. After they did this, they were able to return to work and finish building the reservoir. The man later claimed that is was not fear of the mermaids but rather fear of what other creatures could be lurking in the water surrounding them.

real mermaid group


5. Mermaids have been seen by the British for hundreds even thousands of years. In 1810 of a pair of mer-children found on the Isle of Man. A couple of fisherman thought they heard a dying bird or animal of some kind and went to investigate the noise. They found one dead mer-child and another that had been injured in a recent storm. They took the injured mer-child home and nursed it back to health as if it were one of their one. The mer-children were apparently less than two feet in length, had the torso of a normal child and the tail of a dolphin. Their hair was described to be long and green like seaweed. The mer-child would eat mussels and fish provided by the man and sometimes drink water or milk.

merchild baby mermaid


  1.         In Ireland and even Scotland, mermaids are called “merrows” the stories of these elegant creatures date back to the 9th century AD. Many legends of these creatures gave warnings to the locals about the dangers of the merrows or merfolk. Similar to the dangers of sirens in Greek Mythology they would lure men to their watery death. Many sailors of past centuries believed that a mermaid sighting meant impending doom of some sort, terrible storms, a shipwreck, or even death. Sometimes, the merfolk were thought to even cause the storms that would wreck the ships, they were so evil that they would eat the drowning sailors and leave them in an unmarked watery grave. Often, children in Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland were warned from going too close to any natural water source where they might be taken by the merrows.

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3. In Greek mythology sirens are mermaids of indescribable talent and power. Legend says that there once roamed a goddesses that was punished by the Greek goddess Demeter for not finding and rescuing Demeter’s daughter Persephone from death. They lived on an island in the Mediterranean Sea where they would lure sailors by singing their enchanting songs. The siren song was so beautiful and captivating that the sailors would lose control of the ship and crash on the rocks, or even jump to the watery depths below them. Sailors would become so captivated by the song that they would lose all conscience thought.

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2. In Orkney legends mermaids were actually known to be shape shifters. When they were in the water their body would be that of a seal, when they came onto the shore they would change into human form. Many legends speak of mermaids who would marry human men once in human form. The men would marry without knowledge that their mermaid bride would only leave them later on when they had a calling for their home in the ocean. Legend has it that if a man can hide or destroy the mermaid’s seal-skin coat that she will be his forever, although if this happens she will forever resent him for taking her away from her home. However, if she finds her seal-coat, she will be able to shift and return to the sea forever, leaving him heartbroken. For a woman to meet a mer-man she must cry seven tears into the ocean and he will come, they will instantly fall in love and live out the rest of their human lives out together.

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  1.             During World War II in Japan, many soldiers reported seeing what they believed to be mermaids near the Kei Islands. The Japanese soldiers described the mermaids as pale with brightly colored hair and spikes that stuck out of the top of their heads, The sailors described them as majestic and alluring. When one of the Japanese sergeants asked the locals about these unknown creatures, he learned that they were called Orang Ikan. The locals often caught them in their nets by accident. One day the locals found one of them dead on the beach and, they brought the sergeant to see the magnificent creature. The Sergeant believed it was a mermaid, he tried to get the Japanese government to investigate, but no one believed him.  The locals fought by his side to try and help him prove that the things he had seen were real. Till this day there are numerous sightings around the Japanese shores of these beautiful and majestic mermaids.

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