Oct 14 2015

Top 5 Best Vampire Movies Ever Made

Arguably the greatest monsters to ever grace the silver screen, vampires have been creeping their way into our imaginations through the visual medium of cinema for over a century now, beginning with ‘Vampire of the Coast’ released in 1909. Since then there’s been hundreds, if not thousands, of vampire films made.  From the gore-filled meant to instill nothing but shock and horror to the more seductive. These are the top 5 best vampire movies of all time.

  1. The Lost Boys

A cult classic, The Lost Boys captures the cool factor of the 1980’s, while merging it well with the genre of the vampire. Led by their single mother, two teenage brothers move to a small town and are immediately drawn to its main hang out, a Boardwalk, where like-minded adolescents spend their evenings soaking up the atmosphere. It doesn’t take long before Michael, the eldest of the siblings, spots a hot chick that catches his eye. This serves as a catalyst that will change the lives of him and his family forever, as the girl he goes after is associated with a gang of hoodlum vampires.

Feeling the need to prove himself, Michael drinks from a bottle of wine offered to him by David, the leader of The Lost Boys. Only later does he realize that by trying to impress his peers he had drank blood, therefore making him a half vampire like the girl he wants to win over.

Together with his kid brother and two comic-book-geek self-proclaimed vampire hunters, they are propelled into a teenage adventure of good versus evil as they fight The Last Boys and try to restore Michael and his new girlfriend to full human again.

lost boys movie


  1. From Dusk Till Dawn

From the twisted mind of Quentin Tarantino comes this intense tale of two outlaw brothers, Seth and Richie, played by George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, who take a small family hostage and head for the border of Mexico.

Upon reaching their rendezvous at a rowdy strip club, the crime duo takes their hostages (a pastor who is on the edge of losing his faith, along with his teenage daughter and son) inside to await a criminal contact.

Sensuality takes the stage in the form of an erotic dancer, while the two brothers get into a confrontation with some of the locals. Soon Richie is stabbed in the hand, dripping blood tantalizing the sex goddess onstage to the point of no return, desire turning her into the vampire-demon she is. In the blink of an eye she buries her fangs into Richie’s neck, triggering chaotic carnage as all  bar staff transform into blood-thirsty vampires, their patrons now meant to serve their needs!

Seth now has no choice but to kill his own brother as Richie rises from the dead, with the few remaining patrons of the bar, including Seth’s one-time hostages, now having to join forces if they have any hope of surviving the night!

from dusk till dawn


  1. Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Up until Dracula, Hollywood was more interested in gore than substance, making the vampire franchise a perfect companion for the popcorn-fluff of B movies. This film helped bring the true heart and soul of Bram Stoker’s tragic tale to great modern storytelling. No longer would the famous Dracula be looked upon as nothing more than a blood-drinking monster. Audiences now developed appreciation and empathy for this old character now seen in a new light, learning of the heartbreaking loss Dracula went through, along with understanding the deep yearning he had to reunite with his soul mate.

bram stoker dracula


  1. Dracula Untold

Given Dracula’s impact on the vampire genre, it should come as no surprise that the horror icon should appear twice in our list of The Best Vampire Movies of All Time.

The most recent among all five films, Dracula Untold has some amazing special effects, but this is not what makes the story great, and thankfully the filmmakers understood this. Like Coppola’s version, respect was given to the telling of this powerful story, ensuring that at its core lie the torment, the desperation Dracula goes through for those he cares so deeply for.

Never before has this character been so well represented by an actor than Luke Evans. It was as if he was made to play this part. From his look to fully embodying Dracula’s essence, Evans’ powerhouse performance ranks Dracula Untold as the second Best Vampire Movie of All Time!

dracula untold luke evans


  1.  Interview with the Vampire

It is extremely rare for an entire genre to be completely changed by one person, but such is the case with the genius of Anne Rice. Stemming from the tragic loss of her young daughter, the author took such pain and used it to not only create a vampire tale so dramatic that it reached the heights of the splendor of Dracula, but actually surpassed it tenfold!

From this work of genius came The Best Vampire Movie of All Time, Interview with the Vampire!

Hollywood adapts literary works every day, but hardly ever this well. So what was the secret formula that made this film rise far above other vampire flicks? One, the original author was allowed to adapt her own work, and two, the magnificent script was placed into the competent hands of director Neil Jordan, who respected the material so much that he hardly strayed from it, the result of which being a truly remarkable film!

Told from the perspective of Louis, he shares his two-hundred-year-old life story with a young interviewer. From how he had lost all will to live due to the loss of his beloved, to how the vampire Lestat offered him a new existence. From how they became immortal companions to how they made an orphaned child their daughter, by giving her the ‘Dark Gift’ as well. Such a choice brought about consequences, their dear Claudia eventually blaming them for her eternal childhood. This ultimately led to the betrayal of Lestat, the one Claudia held most responsible.

With a scheme to kill him and run, it’s only a matter of time before such a deadly action catches up to the vampiress.

Everyone believes immortality would be such an amazing gift, but Interview with the Vampire opens our eyes to the fact that nothing is more precious than to be human.

Brad Pitt in a scene from the film 'Interview With The Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles', 1994. (Photo by Warner Brothers/Getty Images)