Sep 11 2015

15 Places to Hide During a Real Life Zombie Apocalypse


We are not here to discuss if zombies are possible or not, although we know that some of you are dying to see the real life zombie outbreak only to use those baseball bats we all love. Anyway, like in any worst case scenario, we all must look for a place to strategically establish, unless you are willing to join the flesh eaters crowd without opposing resistance. Here we are going to give you some ideas of where to go if this ever happens (sooner or later). This is the top countdown of the fifteen best places to hide during a zombie apocalypse.



15 –Bank

A bank could be a good temporary place to hide for a few days. Most of the banks have one strong entrance and can be electronically sealed. Banks used to be fully monitored by cameras and for extreme safety you can sleep in the main vault. However, this should be only an immediate option before leaving town. All banks are placed on populated areas and you would have to go out searching for food from time to time, since we haven’t figured out any receipt with money as its main ingredient.

giant bank vault


14 – Mountain Mine

A mine could be a good place to hide during the outbreak. You should have control over all the entrances to make it safe. Abandoned mines can bring additional dangers. Some mines actually have air filters and water purifiers, so you won’t have to worry about that. A strategic mine should be located in a low-dense populated area, far from urbanistic complexes and near to self-sustainable food sources like farms. You would have to go out during the days to collect food, but anyhow if you are near the fields you can plant food by your own means.

underground mine shaft


13 – Natural Cave

Similar to mountain mines, these would provide safe places to hide, especially if they are fully explored. However like in the previous case, entrances will have to be fortified, and most important, you will have to watch out that the cave you choose is not the actual household of an enraged bear.

giant natural cave


12 –High Mountain

Low temperatures might be helpful to disable the undead, but also are places where the shortage of food would represent a problem. In any case, high mountains are mostly uninhabited so that would mean the possibility to live while the zombie problem spreads in different areas.

snowy mountain peak


11 – Lighthouse

A lighthouse indeed is a safe place, surrounded by water and with a high point that gives you a panoramic view. It still has the limitation of space, so you better choose friendly companions to hide there with you. However it can be a good alternative during the nights, unless zombies learn how to swim (I hope they don’t), you won’t be worrying too much about security.

old ocean lighthouse


10 – Ship

This is one of the best alternatives to scape-hide during a zombie outbreak. You will be out of reach from all the flesh eaters in ground Some ships have water desalinization devices. You would only have to descend to earth from time to time in order to collect food. Alternatively, you will be able to search for safe inhabited places. But be aware you are not travelling with infected passengers.



9 – Bridge

Think about it: a huge bridge with both entrances blown to make it completely isolated. It would be still near to food sources like malls or supermarkets, because you still would have to scavenge for food in the nearest town. But it should provide you with a safe, nearly unreachable place to live. If it has plenty of space maybe you would be a pioneer, managing to cover a portion of it with earth and plant some food.

large ocean bridge



8 – Missile Silo

Similar to a bunker, the missile silo provides the perfect place to hide, several floors on the underground and a secure perimeter. All silos are well fortified and placed in natural areas where little to no human beings are living. As some of them are packaged to serve as houses for scientists and militaries, these may have beds and food. Just make sure that missiles are in optimum conditions or search for an abandoned missile silo instead.





7 – Safe Houses

Some modern houses are built with special features that make them true fortresses. Fully automated to be sealed with metal coverage for windows and doors, safe houses represent the new expression of being prepared for the worst possible situation. Although these might be expensive, you can take someone else’s safe house if he/she was not fortunate to reach it in time.

armored safe house



6 – Farm

Build four walls to secure the perimeter and you got it, the safest place to be. Choose a farm with a source of water, a pit maybe. Farms are located far from the cities and that makes them excellent places to be during the outbreak. The eventual casualties would be considerably low and you won’t be worrying about going out for food.

armored farm base


5 – Military Base

Similar to the missile silo, the military bases are good hiding places (if you love to eat canned foods). You would have lots of ammo and guns to protect the perimeter, and hopefully you would be mostly out of range if the base is placed far from civilization. Anyway you should be aware that people don’t get crazy with the guns or you’ll be facing a bigger problem than zombies, enraged people with guns.




4 – Castle

History is always wise, if castles served their purpose to let people protect themselves from hordes of enemies thirsting for blood, these places would do the same even if the threat is now of an undead kind. Some castles are just like big fortified farms, so you would be saving time in building the walls and using it planting some food instead.

european castle turrets
3 – Jail

Jails are supposed to be safe, so you should give them a try. Many people can be staying there, and if they are big enough you won’t be worrying about privacy. The real problem during the outbreak is to make the prisoners vacate. Who’s going to enter first and let the inmates out? Albeit if you look for the minimal security complex in Norway you’ll be staying in a luxury hotel but that would be no help containing the undead.

maximum security prison


2 – Sea platforms for Oil Extraction

These man-made islands are far from coast and are nearly indestructible. If you are passionate about fishing, then this would be the best option. Live like a sailor in the middle of the sea and never worry again about the zombies, even if they learn how to swim there are few ways to enter into these constructions, some are only reachable by air and are suspended above the water level.

oil extraction platform

1 –Island

If you are looking for the ultimate escape from the zombie carnage, you should be searching for a far civilization inhabited island. That is your best option since you would have food, water, and also a place to build your home. Some islands even offer you only one entrance and the best part is that there are still many islands not touched by the hand of man, so you have plenty to choose.

tropical deserted island