Jan 14 2015

Top 5 Strangest Sea Creatures

World’s weirdest, strangest, and most unbelievable deep sea creatures ever discovered. These bizarre sea monsters are absolutely amazing!

World’s Weirdest Sea Creatures

Sarcastic Fringehead! These monster like fish are extremely territorial and super aggressive! Don’t venture too close to their homes as they will attack you like a bat out of hell. Fortunately they only grow about a foot long but even at that size they have been known to attack divers occasionally piercing their wet suits. Could you imagine how terrifying this creature would be if was as big as whale?

1 wtf is that

Blobfish! Last year it was voted as the ugliest animal in the world. I think it’s kinda cute.


Deep Sea Hatchet Fish! Looking at it from straight on it appears to have a human face. It’s a very tiny fish that lives deep within the ocean depths and they have a very short life span… only living about a year.


One of my favorite sea creatures ever!!! This is the rare Mimic Octopus. Some people claim this to be the most intelligent animal in the world. This octopus actually has the ability to change colors, shape shift and actually take on the actions of other sea creatures in order to scare away it’s predators. You can click there to see it in action!


Deepstaria Reticulum! This mysterious sea creature looks like a giant trashbag. It’s so rare that it’s only been seen by divers 29 times in the last 20 years and was recently caught on an oil rig camera that took some amazing footage of it.

Mysterious Creature Caught on Oil Cam