Dec 13 2014

Telepathic Children Discovered

Although uncommon, it’s not new for there to be stories of autistic children demonstrating unusual powers of the mind.

Such as playing unfamiliar Mozart concertos perfectly on a piano, instantly solving near impossible mathematical riddles, or displaying seemingly superhuman hearing or other heightened senses, and even in some rare cases a heightened sixth sense, also known as extra sensory perseption, or telepathy.

Telepathic Children

Recently however, Neuropsychiatrist Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, author of The ESP Enigma: The Scientific Case for Psychic Phenomena, has repeatedly demonstrated telepathic mind reading, in closely supervised scientific case studies of severly austic children, with amazingly accurate results.

In this example, the allegedly telepathic autistic child on the left has been asked to read the mind of the therapist on the right.

They are separated by a divider screen to eliminate any possibilty of peeking or cheating, and monitired by several cameras. As the the therapist concentrates on each individual digit of a randomized numeric formula, she offers a representing cue card to the autistic child, who selects the appropriate digit with her pencil with one hand, and then taps it onto a computer with the other.


  • The telepathic consistently scores over 90% accuracy when tested with 10 other equations in this same session. And in this case correctly identifies all 18 digits with 100% accuracy.
  • It’s reasoned that in severe cases, it’s possible for a non verbal autistic child’s mind might actually adapt to their isolated condition and develop their own unique way of interpreting and reacting to their environment.
  • Though the study has been conducted successfully several times the mechanism is still a mystery.
  • We all have intuitive moments that most of us chalk up to coincidence, and there are some people that have special connections between them like twins or mothers their babies.
  • Several nursing mothers have reported a feeling that their babies needed them followed by spontaneous lactating, while they were apart.
  • After a phone call home they are told the baby had just woken ready to be feed. Even those not on a regular nursing schedule.
  • Studies show that kids are more intuitive until the stresses of day to day life requires them to spend more time in their left brain, which is where most adults live and it’s the speech hemisphere of the brain.
  • But that’s intuition; telepathy, or mind to mind communication is a whole other level.
  • 10% of autistics have some form of savant skills that gives them the ability to access unique abilities of the brain, think rainman.
  • Most of these abilities are right brain activities like music, art, or math which is important because the right brain is the intuitive part of the brain
  • Shutting down one section of the mind seem to open pathways to these latent abilities which seem almost superhuman to the rest of us
  • The theory is that non-verbal autistics can access a part of the brain that allows for telepathy.
  • Its hypothesized that we all have the skills of savants but that they’re dormant because of the dominance of the left hemisphere in most individuals, especially adults.
  • Savants operate by directly accessing low-level, less-processed information that exists in all our brains but not normally available to conscious awareness.
  • If true, it’s very possible that we all could have the potential to be telepathic also.
  • Could it be that telepathic communication is a glimpse of humankind’s evolution? And if so what other changes are in store for future human evolution.