Dec 11 2014

Giant Killer Catfish

Did you know that there is a giant catfish that has a reputation for eating humans?

Monster Killer Catfish

Meet the Goonch Catfish, also known as The Giant Devil Catfish, due to its huge size and its fearsome reputation as a stone-cold maneater.

This freshwater behemoth is believed to be responsible for a string of human deaths, including a small boy, a 17 year old youth, and an 18 year old man along the Kali River in India and Nepal over the past 17 years.

Locals have even reported that these vicious monsters have also killed full grown cattle.

In all these cases, eye witnesses watched helplessly as the hapless victims were dragged underwater, and their corpses were never found.


Locals believe the these widemouthed marauders have developed a taste for human flesh over years of feeding on human remains dumped in the river after traditional Hindu funeral ceremonies.

Some believe that due to this rich diet of wholesome human meat, a number of Goonch Catfish in these areas have grown much larger than the typical 6 feet in length and 200 pound girth.

In the Jamuna River in Bangladesh, local fishermen caught a Goonch catfish weighing in at 230 pounds which is the largest ever reported.


But legend has it that they can become much bigger still…

With a mouth measuring over 2 feet across, full of dangerous razor sharp teeth, it’s easy to imagine how this aquatic beast, with its 230 pounds of prehistoric river-swimming muscle could easily pull a man to his untimely death.

Fossil records indicate that the Goonch catfish has been patrolling the murky depths of south asia’s rivers for the better part of 50 million years, but is now considered to be an endangered species.

Locals in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal consider them a dangerous nuisance, and will kill on site them with spears, electricity, or even dynamite at any given opportunity.

This relentless campaign of fishy death has driven the Goonch to the edge of extinction.

In spite of this, if any of you ever find yourself standing on the muddy banks of the Kali river, thinking of taking a dip, and the half burned human remains floating by aren’t enough to dissuade you, maybe the threat of a 200 pound Goonch Catfish clamping his massive jaws around one of your pink fleshy legs and dragging you into the depths will be…