Sep 09 2014

Real Life Crocodile Dundee!

Meet George Craig. An 84 year old Australian Native who many today consider to be the real life crocodile dundee. As a young man, George spent 17 years hunting dangerous crocodiles and providing them with shelter from the threat of humans.

In 1987, George captured Cassius, an 18 foot, one ton crocodile from a river in the Northern Territory. Cassius was known to have a very aggressive nature. He attacked many boats and had been in many vicious fights which ultimately caused him to lose his front left leg and the tip of his tail.

George saved CassiusĀ from being killed by the local population and brought him back to his sanctuary in Marineland Melanesia. He was transferred by truck 1850 miles to Cairns and then by boat to Green Island.

He named him Cassius after Cassius Clay the boxer. Now considered to be the largest crocodile in captivity, George has developed somewhat of a soft spot for the massive beast and has managed to feed the croc himself everyday for the last 30 years. While George is sure Cassius knows who he is, he believes that Cassius wouldn’t hesitate in eating George if given the chance.

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