Sep 09 2014

Mountain Lion Mauls Boy in Silicon Valley

A search is in progress for a mountain lion that attacked and mauled a six year old boy while hiking with his parents in California on Sunday. The boy was among a group of 10 which included parents and children.

While walking through the Picchetti Ranch Open Space Preserve in Cupertino, the youngster was viciously attacked from behind at approximately 1pm. The Lion grabbed the boy and began dragging him away before the child’s father and another man fought it off. The boys father told investigators his son was about 10 feet ahead of the group when a mountain lion “came out of nowhere” and attacked.

Lieutenant Paul Foy of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said authorities are deploying dogs on the trail on Monday to track the animal and if DNA samples from saliva on the boy’s shirt match any animal captured, it will be killed in the interest of public safety.

“It’s quite extraordinary the lion would attack a person with so many people in the immediate vicinity. The mountain lion attacked in the same way it would at a group of deer and targeting the easiest prey, that being the smallest member of the group” Lieutenant Foy stated.

It is estimated that 4,000 to 6,000 cougars roam statewide and more than half of California is considered to be prime mountain lion habitat.

The boy, who remains unidentified, escaped but suffered some serious bite wounds and scratches to his head and neck. He is currently recovering at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center where he is listed to be in fair condition.
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