Sep 09 2014

Fatal Great White Shark Attack

Earlier this morning an Australian man was mauled to death by a suspected great white shark as his wife watched in horror. Just off the coast of Australia’s Byron Bay, former IT worker Paul Wilcox was bitten several times on his right leg as he was swimming a popular route at the end of Clarkes Beach.

A heroic onlooker, Mark Hickey, sprung into action and pulled Mr. Wilcox’s body from the water in attempt to save him. He performed CPR but ultimately it was too late.

“It was a fatal bite with major blood loss. He probably died in the water because there was no blood loss on the beach. I’ve seen a lot of sharks over the years, but never anything like this. It wasn’t going away, it was just circling,” Mr Hickey told Daily Mail Australia.

Police have praised Mr. Hickey who risked his own life to pull the man from the water. “It was an extraordinary act of bravery and we can only be thankful for his efforts.” Police and wildlife experts stated there was no plan to kill the shark, especially with Great Whites being a protected species.

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