Sep 07 2014

Monster Shrimp Creature Caught in Florida

A large shrimp-like creature was pulled out of the water by fisherman, who, because of its size, thought it was a lobster.

Enormous Crustacean Caught

This monster sized catch might forever change what we know about this species

I’d like to thank Siming for sharing this with us on the Epic Wildlife Facebook Page, thanks Siming.. I hope I pronounced your name correctly.

In Fort Pierce Florida, Fisherman Steve Bargeron was fishing on a dock late at night when his friend pulled from the water a monster sized mystery catch from the ocean floor.

giant-shrimp-fisherman-floridaIt looks a lot like a shrimp to me, but wow, I’ve never seen one this big!

This colossal crustacean was reported to be about this size and it looks a little bigger than that to me in the picture.

Because of its size, the two men actually thought it was a lobster.

Even the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is confused as to what this is.

One theory about this discovery is that it’s an overgrown species of mantis shrimp.

A mantis shrimp is neither a mantis or a shrimp at all..

In fact they are a crustacean that are members of the Stomatopoda order and can reach lengths up to a foot long!

These creatures are still a mystery to science but here are some things we do know about them.

They can be found living among coral reefs, deep within burrows and holes in the sea floor

Apparently they make great Sashimi. I love sushi, but there are somethings I’m not daring enough to try… like those giant shrimp heads, has anyone here ever seen or eaten those?

They have incredibly strong claws that can inflict massive amounts of pain if you mess with it, which has earned them the nickname Thumb Splitters.

Larger species in captivity have even broke through aquarium glass simply by striking it.

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