Sep 05 2014

New Dinosaur Revealed – Dreadnoughtus

A new prehistoric monster was just revealed and it’s super-massive. This giant new dinosaur discovery is from the family of titanosaurian sauropods which are the largest dinosaurs known to have ever existed.

Meet Dreadnoughtus

Drexel University professor Ken Lacovara named this giant species Drednaughtus which means “Fears Nothing

While it’s not confirmed yet, this could be the largest land animal to have ever lived.

biggest-land-animalDo you know what is the biggest animal today?

That’s right… it’s the African Elephant.

Drednaughtus was so big it weighed as much as 12 elephants!

It was as long as 5 full sized vans (85ft, 26m) as tall as a 3 story building (30 ft, 9m)

Could you imagine encountering one of these in the wild?

And what’s even more incredible is it wasn’t fully grown before it died!

It’s tail was quite muscular and was believed to be used as a weapon to whiplash any potential predators that might be stupid enough to attack this massive creature.

This monster belongs to the family of dinosaurs known as titanosaurian sauropods and it’s discovery has opened the door to the idea that there may have been even bigger dinosaurs that roamed our planet.

When it was living during the cretaceous era almost 80 million years ago, it was clearly one of the biggest dinosaurs around, weighing 7x’s that of a T-Rex

trex-large-dinosaurLuckily for other dinosaurs, it was just a vegetarian.


Could you imagine how many plants it would have to eat on a daily basis?


The fossil was discovered in Southern Patagonia region of Argentina a hot spot for unearthing dinosaur bones.


This happens to be the most complete fossil of a Titanosaurian Sauropod dinosaur ever found with over 70% of the remains being intact.

A professor of anatomy at Ohio University Patrick O’Conner was quoted saying.

“It’s a pretty good one,” “Most often they’re not anywhere this complete.”

While this discovery was just revealed the bones were actually brought into the US a few years ago for studying and will be returned to Argentina sometime next year.




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