Sep 04 2014

Mysterious Figure in Road

A mythological figure appearing on the side of the road has been labeled as the Skinwalker. The truth behind this photo as well as the legend behind the Skinwalker is revealed.

Skinwalker – The Legend Revealed

This photo claims to be of what the Navajo Indians call a Skinwalker. While this photo is creepy, the Navajo legend behind it has haunted the tribe, as well anyone else unfortunate enough to cross its path for centuries.

A Skinwalker is one of among several different varieties of the Navajo’s version of a witch.

However,Unlike other witches, The Navajo say the skinwalker is said to have obtained the full power of what they call the quote “Witchery Way,” a form of evil mysitism in their culture. A skinwalker is the most powerful level of witchery achievable….

In order for a witch to transform into a skinwalker, they must commit a final and ultimate act of evil in its most extreme form such as incest, the murder of a family member, or necrophilia.

Once transformed into a skinwalker, the witch gets a multitude of new abilities. Skinwalkers can shapeshift into any animal….including a human, although according to the lore a coyote, wolf, fox, eagle, owl, or crow are the most common ones.


But shapeshifting is only one of many abilities they possess. Others include:


  • Supernatural speed and agility
  • Imitation of any animal or human sound they wish – including the sound of anyone’s voice
  • Mind reading
  • Controlling the actions of animals


Apparently, these witch like beings are actually taken so seriously by the Navajo that many will actually refuse to speak on the topic– they believe skinwalkers walk freely among their tribe in human form, and they fear retribution from a skinwalker whom may overhear their conversation

real-witches-historyReports of encounters with one of these beasts seem to reveal behavior as well as motives that are quite confusing …

Some report explain strange beasts leaping out in front of cars and staring at passengers inside…

Others report being chased as they attempt to speed away…..
One account ends with the victims waking up the next day face down with their butts in the air.

In one report, nearby Navajo Indians told victims they were wanted by the evil beings because their quote “family has a lot of power.”

In another, the victims were told the skinwalkers attacked them out of jealousy.

…..interestingly in nearly all reports where the victims explained their encounter to Navajo Indians…the Indians reacted completely normal as if this was just an everyday happening.


There is actually a place named Skin-walker Ranch.

A mysteriously high number of those whom have been to the area report witnessing unexplainable phenomenon…in fact the area even baffles scientists whom have reported seeing odd balls of light, unknown animals that seem to emerge from tunnels of light, and other unexplainable phenomenon.

Local Navajo advise everyone to avoid the area as they say it is quote “the path of the skinwalker.”

There’s even been several books written about the location.

But has a skinwalker ever actually been photographed?


The photo at the beginning of the video…which nearly everyone on the internet claims is a “skinwalker” is actually just a clip taken from a movie.

navajo-tribeDespite the photo being fake, Skinwalkers are very real to the Navajo…but why is such a belief taken so seriously by their culture? Is there truth in the legend?

Just what makes the Navajo fear the skinwalker so much they’ll even refuse to speak about them?

And what originally caused the Navajo to believe in skinwalkers in the first place…furthermore why do they possess so much detailed knowledge about them?

Strangest of all, why do they seem to act as if their existence is obvious?

Perhaps the Navajo developed these beliefs based upon something…something real… something important….something that they experienced and allegedly continue to experience …something so significant that the legend became ingrained in their culture and has furthermore been passed down since at least the 14th century, when their tribe was thought to have formed.

Every legend, every story, every belief has a reason for existing – and that reason comes from whichever parts of the legend, story, or belief are true.

It’s anyone’s guess what spurred the Navajo legend of skinwalkers, but whatever it was…….it caused an entire culture of people to form a belief with extreme conviction.


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