Aug 29 2014

Brother Lions Fight for Mate

In a very rare sighting recently at the Masai Mara Wildlife Reserve in Kenya, two brother Lions were captured in a ferocious fight of tooth and claw in order to win the affection of a lioness and for control over their pride.
On hand were seasoned photographers Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution, both teachers from Northern France. Miss Haution explained: “When lions want to take over a pride, the old lions fight with the new ones. But seeing two lion brothers fighting, one against the other, is a very rare sighting. We were very lucky to witness it, and both lions unfortunately ended up with serious wounds. But that’s just what happens in the wild and we would never interfere with nature.”
Just 15 minutes after the bloody brawl, the triumphant brother claimed his prize by mating with the lioness. The photographers described this to be a truly amazing moment.
Lion battle for mate
Lion king fight
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king of jungle
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Lion battle wounds
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