Aug 28 2014

Elephant Calf Takes on Huge Buffalo Bull

This over-confident elephant calf learned a valuable life lesson recently as he tried to take on a huge buffalo bull at the Spekboom lagoon in Addo Elephant National Park.

The calf was among a herd of elephants refreshing themselves when an adult buffalo walked towards the water to join them.

Most of the elephants paid little attention to the buffalo however the calf was not thrilled by his presence. In a bizarre attempt to intimidate the massive buffalo, the calf charged hoping to scare him out of the area.

The fearless calf received a rude awakening as the buffalo bull lunged at him with his huge horned head sending him flying several feet in the air. While he escaped physical injury, his pride was undoubtedly hurt and he spent the rest of the day hiding behind his mother.

What was very surprising was that the other elephants were in no way disturbed by this event, almost as if it were a life lesson the young calf had to learn.
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