Aug 27 2014

How Many Rattlesnakes Can Fit in Your Mouth?

Jackie Bibby, also known as The Texas Snake Man, is quite a celebrity in the snake community. The snake handler, who specializes in rattlesnakes, has been performing unbelievable stunts and charming snakes for over forty years.

Bibby made his rise to fame when he earned a few of the most obscure records ever recorded in the Guinness books. They include, “Holding the most rattlesnakes in mouth,” (13) “Laying in a bathtub with the most snakes,” (195) “Laying in a sleeping bag with the most rattlesnakes,” (109) “Sacking 10 rattlesnakes the fastest,” (17.11 seconds) and “Head first in a sleeping bag with the most rattlesnakes.” (24)

These impressive records have remained undefeated for years and will likely remain unchallenged.

Jackie Bibby

Bibby was inspired by rattlesnakes when he first attended a rattlesnake roundup in Texas at the age of 18.

“You’re never more alive than when you’re near death,” Bibby claims. By this claim, Jackie has been very lively as he has been bitten on at least twelve separate occasions by rattlesnakes during his decades of handling.

rattlesnakes coiled up

One of these incidents resulted in the amputation of part of his right leg near the knee, though that hardly slowed Bibby down. With a unique passion for the snakes, he has continued to hunt them, charm them and entertain the world with them. Jackie Bibby has even become a popular figure on Animal Planet since his show “Rattlesnake Republic” took off.

Bibby exposing himself to real snakes and danger can be seen on the show, which has multiple seasons already aired. In one episode, Jackie getting bit for the 10th time can be seen!

Even though Jackie has faced a lot of troubles from the snakes, it is unlikely that he will ever write them off. He has dedicated his life to rattlesnake handling and still has quite a passion for it after so many years. “I’m not going to quit something that has done this much for me,” Jackie said after a recent bite.

rattlesnake close up

rattlesnake orgy

rattlesnake warning sign