Aug 25 2014

Assassin Spider Killer

The killer assassin spider species is the most deadly and dangerous spider versus other spiders. This attacking, biting, death dealing spider feeds primarily on its own kind as it has evolved over time as being a true ninja assassin.

Meet the Killer Assassin Spider

This weird 8 legged freak is also considered by many to be the world’s most grotesque spider.

This is the most dangerous spider in the world …if you happen to be another spider. Why? Because this is the Assassin Spider, a spider who lives to kill its own kind.

There are a couple of physical characteristics that makes this spider stand out among others. One is its really long jaws. In fact, the assassin spiders jaws are 10x’s longer than that of any other spider.


The Incredible Assassin Spider

Another unique feature is its long slender neck that evolved over time to keep its jaws from dragging on the ground.

This long elegantly slender neck makes the spiders profile look like bird which earned it the more friendly nickname Pelican Spider.

This killer spider may only be as big as a grain of rice, but it is a smart, deliberate, methodical killer that has been known to stalk its prey for hours.

It waits patiently at the edge of another spider’s web plucking the silken string to get the attention of it’s next victim.

The ultimate spider assassin hunter!

This long jaw and neck allow the spider to attack its victim quickly and stealthily.

This hunting spider stakes out its victim and then pounces, delivering a powerful spider bite stabbing it with its fangs, pulling one fang out, and leaving the other in to do its dirty work, pumping the victim full of venom while keeping it at a safe distance.

Could you imagine meeting a giant assassin spider and having it attack and bite you??

map-assassin-spiderI don’t know about you guys, but I think I just found my new favorite spider species, serious, this death dealing spider killer is amazing!

If you ever happen to be in Australia or Madagascar you might come across one of these tiny arachnid terrors.

And if you do, be sure to bring a video camera, I’d love to see more footage of this amazing creature.

But fear not arachnophobes.

While they may be the ninja assassins of the spider world they’re not even close to being one of the most venomous spiders in the world as their venom is relatively harmless to humans.

According to Hannah Wood of the University of California, Davis they are shy, dropping to the ground when approached by humans.

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