Aug 23 2014

Roloway Monkey Facts


What is a Roloway Monkey?

For years, endangered species have been hunted across the world and reduced in numbers year in, year out. A species which witnesses a lot of issues with being hunted and extinction is the Roloway Monkey. The Roloway Monkey is a form of Old Wold money and can be found in Ghana, between the Sassandra and Pra rivers.

They are easily recognisable for their long beards, with a black coat and white markings making it stand out from many of its Guenon relatives. However, orange markings on the back of the legs are common trade for the Roloway Monkey. They tend to wander in groups of anything between 15-30 at a time, and they east insects, fruits and seeds mostly.

Sadly, the Roloway Monkey is also one of the most endangered animals in the whole of Africa. While exact species are hard to pinpoint reliably, general surveys point to large majorities of current generations being in severe danger due to deforestation. It’s been listed as a long-term member of the 25 Most Endangered Primates list.



Roloway Monkey

Where Do They Most Commonly Reside?

One of the biggest reasons for this huge decline is their lack of ability to develop and change to new environments.

As humans move further and further into the mature forests that they love to populate, there is less room for these magnificent individuals to be themselves and to stay safe.

Additionally, it’s commonplace for the males of groups of Roloway Monkeys to head off elsewhere on their own, whereas the females will stay with the same group they were born into.

This makes it harder for breeding to continue to be as fluent as it was once before, especially given the depreciation of forest areas in Ghana that suits this breed of monkey.

What Endangers Roloway Monkeys most?

They are common pray for humans as well as beasts like Leopards and Chimpanzees. As deforestation continues, they are pushed into smaller habitats and therefore they are forced to live in co-existence with animals that hunt them, pushing numbers down ever further. because of bush meat hunting being such a popular part of Ghanaian culture, this is a common end for many of these fantastic monkeys.

How Do They Give Birth?

They give birth to one monkey at a time, with a period of around 6 months required for each baby to be conceived and then born. The life span of a Roloway Monkey is totally random out in the wild, and those in captivity can stay alive for up to thirty years. However, their free roaming spirits and style make them quite unsuitable for captive living.

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