Aug 18 2014

Aye Aye Facts

This creepy looking animal is the Aye Aye, a lemur discovered in Madagascar. One of the ugliest animals in the world, the gremlin look alike has an unusual way of finding food.

Meet the Aye Aye

The aye aye taps on trees to find grubs. It’s the world’s largest nocturnal primate, a lemur native to Madagascar.

Once grubs are located, it then uses its rodent like teeth to gnaw a small hole, then inserts its narrow middle finger to pull the grubs out. The striped possum is the only other animal species known to obtain meals this way.

Aye-aye_(Daubentonia_madagascariensis)_3Confusion about their classification still exists. They have been classified as rodents, primates as well as a lemur.

They are omnivores eating anything from animal matter, to nuts and insect larvae. Their favorite meal consists of cerambycid beetles.

This solitary creature will stick to foraging in its own territory, but has been known to travel up to 2.5 miles per night.

Considered extinct in 1933, the animal was rediscovered in 1957 and even though there are more aye aye in existence out there than previously known, the animal is still considered near threatened.

One reason for their near extinction, is because an ancient Malagasy legend said the animal was the symbol of death and is often killed on sight.

With the efforts of Research teams like those at the Duke Lemur Center, in Durham, North Carolina who created captive breeding groups for Aye Aye they captured in Madagascar.

They are responsible for the first aye aye born in Captivity who they appropriately named Blue Devil, hopefully the Aye Aye will continue to be around for future generations.

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