Aug 14 2014

Creepy Deep Sea Fish

One of the scariest fish in the world, the deep sea Fang-tooth Fish is an ugly sea creature indeed. Rare fish species and very scary looking.

Meet the Fangtooth Fish

Every now and the something seems to swim right out of your nightmares and up from the depths of the ocean, and for me that is the fang-tooth fish.

While they do have disproportionately large fang like teeth, they are small only growing to about 6.5 inches and harmless to humans and are one of the deepest living fish found living up to 16,400 feet below the surface of the water. worlds scariest fish

Their range is global, and they may thrive in schools, or go it alone.

This scary looking little bugger’s head is covered by a thin skin, and is riddled with mucus cavities.

Its two largest fangs are so long, the fish has evolved sockets on both sides of the brain just to fit them properly when the mouth is closed.

The fangtooth’s teeth are the largest teeth of any fish, proportionate to its body size.

The fish is also equipped with long finger like bones called gill rakers that enable them to extract plankton from the water.

They also feed on other fish and squid, and possibly use chemoreception to find their prey, luckily bumping into something they can eat.

During the day they stay in the dark depths, rising upwards at night to feed in the starlight, only to return back to the cold dark depths by morning. Anoplogaster_cornuta_2012 Anoplogaster_cornuta_Brauer fang-tooth-scary-fish

Weird N’ Wild Creature Card – Fangtooth Fish

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