Aug 13 2014

Snake Eats Man – Truth Explained

Here are a few recent images of massive snakes that have stories behind them claiming to have swallowed a person. These snakes are huge and they did eat something very large, but what they ate, was not a man.

Here is the truth behind the images.

Image #1


Fake Story: A drunk guy who passed out by a liquor store was laying on the ground when he was attacked by a giant snake and swallowed before anyone could help him. This claimed to be from a news site in Attapaday, Kerla.

Truth: This reticulated python did not swallow a human. It was found in the streets by locals and hauled away from town so that it would remain safe. Although they did not cut the snake open, it was believed to have eaten a pig.

Image #2

The Truth Behind “Security Guard Eaten by Snake”

Fake Story: A security guard was said to have been eaten by a giant snake in Borneo.

Truth: Besides the obvious photo-shop, the snake in the picture is an African Rock Python who is native to Africa which do not live in Indonesia.

Here are more images of huge snakes that people have claimed to have eaten a person. Some of these are obviously fake, however, a few of them are pretty convincing. Real or Fake? You decide.

More Images

snake eats man anaconda-man-eating person eaten by huge snake snake eats adult giant-snake-swallows-man-borneo thailand-boy-ate by snake man-inside-snake python-huge

So the question that begs to be answered is can a snake really eat a man. The two biggest snakes on earth are the reticulated python and the green anaconda. While these snakes certainly grow big enough to eat very large animals, eating a fully grown adult is a much more difficult task.

This is mainly due to the fact that a human’s shoulders are just two broad which makes it nearly impossible for a snake to swallow. The adult man or woman would have to be much smaller than your average size person and the snake would have to be one of the largest in the world.

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