Aug 11 2014

Troll Hybrid Animal Explained

What is this strange looking creature?

The image first surfaced in late 2011 and over the last year or so a number of viewers have asked me what it is, with some making claims that it is a rabbit-human hybrid, a demonic offspring, an alien baby, or a troll captured by hunters in Namibia.

Truth Behind Rabbit Hybrid aka Namibia Troll

Well I couldn’t really find anything interesting linking it to a demon or alien baby. So let’s take a look at the other 2 claims and then sum it up with perhaps a more scientific explanation.

The Rabbit-Human Hybrid Theory

So first off, is it even possible to cross breed a rabbit and a human?

Apparently yes…In 2003 Scientists in Shanghai Second Medical University succeeded in producing stem cells by “merging rabbit eggs and human skin cells.”

This was the first human-animal hybrid ever produced. A few days later after extracting the stem cells the “chimeras” were destroyed.

So is it possible that science could produce such an atrocity as seen in this picture?

Looking closely at the image the creature does appear to have rabbit like ears protruding from the back of its head.

However, because rabbits and humans are far too different genetically, even though scientist were able to produce stem cells,
it would be virtually impossible for a viable fetus to ever be produced.

Namibia Troll

This story came in November of 2012 When the picture appeared in the online version of the Australian Newspaper “The Daily Telegraph” with the headline reading “Bizarre muppet-like beast discovered.”

The site went on to report that in the southwest African country of Namibia the creature was spotted foraging for food by a hunting party.

Shocked by the discovery one of the hunters shot at and wounded the creature… who… in its attempt to get away… led them back to a nearby den where similar creatures were hiding.

The wounded creature suddenly attacked the hunters who then shot and killed it, while all of the troll creatures escaped into the dense brush.

According to the report, local authorities are in possession of the creatures remains with a full investigation underway.

There has been no follow up to the story since.

With so many stories surrounding this single image one can only assume it is a hoax, or at the very least, a misinterpretation of the story surrounding the photo.

Perhaps the best explanation comes from one of my favorite cryptozoologist Karl Shuker. He explains how in the photograph you can see what looks like an umbilical cord and that the creature is covered in a slimy blood like substance which suggest that this is a deformed new born baby.