Aug 06 2014

Bull Shark Attacked by Brutus

The infamous monster crocodile “Brutus” of the Adelaide River found a tasty treat just before a tour boat drove by in Australia.

It was Andrew Paice who took these amazing images of the massive saltwater crocodile feasting on a smaller bull shark.


It’s not as uncommon as one would think for saltwater crocodiles to eat bull sharks.

Bull sharks are often found swimming into fresh water rivers connected to the ocean in search of food and they can sometimes get stuck in the shallower river banks which makes them easy pickings for larger predators.

Meet Brutus – The Giant One Armed Crocodile

Sharks and crocodiles are both fearsome predators, but who would win in a fight if you took the biggest baddest of all living sharks and put it up against the biggest baddest living saltwater crocodile?

Both of them can grow to be over 20 feet long and have their advantages in a fight.

Crocodile or Shark?