Aug 03 2014

Angry Koala!

Now that’s the scariest koala bear I’ve ever seen! When I first saw it I had trouble identifying what this new monster discovery could have been.

A wet koala already looks frightening on its own but when someone photo shops in a set of wolf fangs… watch out. This photo recently went viral as people were curious the same as I was about what this creepy image could be.

Terrifying Photo-Shopped Wet Koala Bear


The original image that is shown below was uploaded in January of 2009 by Oz_drdolittle. He mentioned how he discovered a group of koala near his home on a hot day and decided to spray them with water to help with the heat.

Original Image of Wet Koala


Oz-drdolittle was quoted
“The poor thing was really hot. (We had a long heatwave recently). I had 3 hanging around the house that I watered twice a day while I was watering the garden. They loved it!
Koalas dont often drink water (they usually get their fluids from the gum leaves), but they certainly lapped it up recently!”