Aug 02 2014

10 Most Horrifying Big Snake Attacks on Humans

There are currently millions of snakes in existence.  They reside on all continents except Antarctica, and within most bodies of water on the planet.  All of them have varying levels of aggression, voracity and malignancy to humans.

Massive SnakeWhile some of these deadly reptiles have a bite that can kill a person in seconds, the most tormenting attacks come from those which do not contain any venom at all, but rather kill their prey by strangulation.  By anchoring their teeth in victims, and then twisting and tangling their large bodies around them, it is undeniably, a slow and painful death.

From anacondas to pythons to boa constrictors, there have been countless reported attacks as such on people over the decades.  Many have come face-to-face with these dangerous reptiles in the jungle, in town and sometimes even in their own homes. 

Some were pets, some were contained and some were wild, but they all eventually turned into hungry, untamed and ravenous creatures to attack, kill and sometimes even consume the people that got in their way.

Here are the ten most shocking attacks on people by the world’s biggest snakes.


Canadian Boys Killed While Sleeping

In the town of Campellton, New Brunswick, there was a horrific attack by an African Rock Python in 2013.  This particular breed of snake can weigh up to two-hundred pounds, reach lengths of up to sixteen feet, and easily claim its prey with strangulation.

The victims in this tragic case were two young boys, who were in exactly the wrong place, at exactly the wrong time.  They were staying the night at a family friend’s apartment, which was in the same complex as an exotic pet store.

The death reports stated the cause of the boys’ deaths as asphyxiation, and the escaped python was identified as the killer.

pet-python-escapes-cageThe night of the incident, the enormous snake was left in an enclosure not too far from where the four and six-year-old victims were sleeping.  It was obvious how the python escaped from its cage, as there was an outlet in the ceiling that was left unclosed after maintenance. 

The python was able to slither up into the ventilation system, which soon collapsed under the weight of the reptile.  This left the python loose in the living room, where it came across the two defenseless youths sleeping.

The odd series of events that must have occurred in order to arrive at the conclusion of the snake killing the children, has left many baffled by the incident.  Many questions and skepticisms arose from the event.

A snake expert, who owns at least twenty of these snakes in his store, said that an incident like this is very out of character for this type of python, as they are usually docile and timid.  He maintained that it is not impossible, but just very unexpected and peculiar.

This was one of the most tragic attacks by this breed of snake.  The python, which resided in the complex for nearly a decade, was immediately euthanized as a result of the event.


Snake Owner Charged with Murder

Law enforcement officials remove a 12-foot long albino Burmese python from the home where it killed 2-year-old Shaunnia Hare in Oxford, Fla. on Wednesday morning, July 1, 2009. The Sumter County Sheriff's Office said Charles Jason Darnell, the snake's owne

Surprisingly, many cases of people getting killed by large snakes actually happens in their own homes.  Snakes, which are master escape artists, can often find outings if not properly caged.  These reptiles, which have been kept as pets for years, usually do not see their owners as so familiar when on loose.

In Oxford, Florida, the owner of an Burmese python is facing prison time, after her pet escaped from its containment to kill her daughter.

On the morning of the incident, the python, named Gypsy, was found tightly coiled around the two-year-old victim, with its mouth beginning to overtake her head.

Though accidental cases like this have happened in the past, without any criminal charges being pressed, the case with twenty-one-year-old snake owner and mother, Jaren Hare, is different.  The eight-and-a-half foot predator escaped from its dwelling with such ease, that it showed a complete lack of care and concern for her defenseless daughter.

To contain the reptile was only a loosely-fastened duvet over the top of its cage.  To make it even worse, a medical examiner from the scene testified that the snake was significantly underweight and malnourished, which most likely initiated the incident.

Jaren Hare and her live-in boyfriend were found guilty of manslaughter, child abuse and third-degree murder after the snake attack.


Green Anaconda Attacks TV Show Host

In a recent incident, a television show host was attacked by an furious anaconda in the Amazon rainforest in Colombia.  In hopes of obtaining footage for his popular Brazilian television program, the famous host, Toninho Negreiro, was venturing through the forest hunting for anacondas.

On this expedition, Toninho was accompanied by El Diablo, a well-known jungle legend said to have a mysterious power over the snakes.

As El Diablo, who says he can smell the snakes, led, Toninho and the crew ventured into the beautiful and equally dangerous Amazon.  Soon into the expedition, El Diablo hesitated, lunged into a grassy area, and then revealed an anaconda that was nearly three times as long as he was tall.

The anaconda was agitated and began to coil around El Diablo.  He handed the reptile to the host for a second, then took back the entangling snake to return to the wild, as he said that it wanted to bite.

After the incident, on a short filming break, Toninho began to wander off from the crew.  Soon he found the familiar anaconda, and, in attempts to pick it up again, grabbed at it.  The already extremely agitated serpent instantly struck at the host, taking him down from the shoulder with its intense force and jaws.

Hearing the screams from Toninho, the startled crew ran over to find him on the ground, with the anaconda wrapped around his chest with teeth deep into his bicep.  As the situation quickened, the snake became more settled on the host.  It took the force of five men to finally get Toninho free from the ferocious snake.

Though the attack was injurious and terrifying to the host, he made a swift recovery and returned to the Amazon within two months of the attack to resume filming.


Boa Constrictor Almost Kills Texas Woman


Even when a snake is trained, familiar and consistently tranquil, it does not change the fact that it is still a cold-blooded predator.

A Texas woman, who had years of experience handling large snakes, was attacked by a fourteen-foot boa constrictor.  The victim, Debi Grudzinski, was trying to give the snake, named Icenia, some water when it happened.

texas-snake-biteIt was a routine practice she performed daily, as she had cared for Icenia for nearly eight years.  In a shocking instant, the constrictor grabbed Debi’s arm and began to wrap.  By the time Icenia got at least half of her length around Debi’s arm, panic ensued, and her daughter immediately called 911.

Within a few minutes, help arrived.  Debi was beginning to feel faint and the snake was already very tightly secured on the woman’s arm.  In immediacy, 911 respondents had to attempt to severe the reptile’s head to ensure that it released Debi soon enough.

The attempt quickly freed Debi, but did not kill Icenia.  The snake was left injured and displaced.  Debi made a quick comeback after the unsettling incident, and her pet was sent away to an animal shelter for recovery and reconstruction.


Python Kills Careless Student in Venezuela


Working alone on the nightshift in a zoo, alongside many deadly predators, can obviously be potentially dangerous.  It can also get fairly uneventful after a while.  At least that’s what Erick Arrieta, a zookeeper who broke the establishment’s rules by entering one of their cages, thought.

A ten-foot Burmese Python, which had just recently been donated to the Caracas Zoo in Venezuela, was the cause of the twenty-nine-year-old biology student’s untimely death.


Caracas Zoo

The snake was still quite new to the habitat, and not even yet on public display at the zoo.  Erick foolishly broke one of the most important rules enforced by the zoo when he entered the serpent’s cage, ultimately costing him his life.

Since he was the only one on duty in the area for the shift, nobody heard his screams or yells for help when the snake began to attack.  The snake had the employee to himself for some time until the incident was discovered by his coworkers. 

By that time, the python had already crushed and strangled Erick to death, and was in the process of consuming him.  As the ten-foot snake was actively swallowing the head of its kill, Erick’s fellow employees had to intervene and beat the python to free his lifeless corpse from it.

Though the attack was surprising because Erick was far beyond the ideal size to serve as prey to the mere ten-foot snake, it was not a complete shock because Burmese Pythons are the most aggressive of large constrictor snakes.


Pet Python Turns on Owner in New York


Burmese pythons are of the most aggressive of constrictor snakes, but that hasn’t slowed people down from adopting them.  There are dozens of python-on-owner attacks reported annually, and this species is responsible for the most injuries and deaths of them.  As a result of this, owners of these reptiles should always know to use extreme caution when handling them.

Nineteen-year-old Grant Williams, who did not use adequate caution or safe practices with his python, met his demise as a result of it.  One afternoon in 1996, he was found in the hallway of his apartment building, dripping blood, with his 13-foot snake coiled around him tightly.

Dealing with a hungry python is a very precarious act, and certain procedures should always be used.  The way Grant handled his last attempt of feeding his python was not ideal.  The snake was out of its cage, and a live chicken, that Grant planned to soon feed to the python, was stashed in a box in the vicinity.  Creating this situation was a deadly mistake for Grant.

Since pythons have a very acute sense of smell, family and friends of the victim believe that the hungry snake picked up the scent of the chicken, which it regularly ate, and saw the only moving target, Grant, as dinner.

Though the snake did not even get to the point of beginning to swallow its alternative dinner, Grant did not survive the unfortunate attack.  Paramedics exhaustively tried to revive Williams en route to the hospital, but unfortunately did not succeed.  Grant was pronounced dead an hour after the attack the nearby hospital.


18 Foot Python vs Angry Mom with Knife


In Las Vegas, Nevada, a family of three was temporarily sharing their home with an eighteen-foot reticulated python.  For a few weeks, the parents of a three-year-old boy, Melissa and Anthony, agreed to take care of the reptile for a friend.

Still new to having such a large snake in the house, the parents slipped up and failed to properly contain the python one afternoon.  After only a few weeks at the residence, the reptile was able to slither free from its enclosure.

Shortly after gaining its freedom, the snake came across something that struck its interest.  Melissa and Anthony’s three-year-old son was alone in one of the bedrooms of the house.

Without much hesitation, the snake proceeded to bite and begin squeezing the toddler.  By the time Melissa discovered the incident, her son was already slipping into unconsciousness.

She immediately called for help.  It took six police officers, an animal control officer and Melissa with her handy kitchen knife to finally free her child from the aggressive snake.

The blue-faced child was rushed to the hospital, where he stayed the night.  While he made a fine recovery, the future of the injured snake was not so bright.  He was euthanized soon after the incident, and the parents of the boy faced criminal charges of child abuse.


Agitated Python Overpowers Woman


Reticulated pythons are of the strongest and longest reptiles on the planet.  When handling snakes this big and strong, it is highly recommended to have at least one other person present.

Amanda Black, the owner of a thirteen-foot-long reticulated python named Diablo, thought she could handle the reptile on her own.

The pet had been sick, and was prescribed medicine to cure it.  Amanda took on the responsibility of administering the medicine to the snake, which was to be given orally through a syringe.  According to Amanda’s husband, Diablo did not like the medicine or the process of receiving it.

Forcing open the mouth of a large, strong and agile python is certainly something that should be approached with great caution.  As Amanda attempted to give the medicine, the snake naturally became agitated.  It eventually became enough for it to attack and overpower her.  As the attack progressed and Diablo wrapped around, Amanda suffered from an intense neck compression by the snake, which led to her death by asphyxiation.

The python did not kill her in a predatory way like many snake attacks on humans.  Diablo did not even attempt to consume her after the death, but went straight into hiding.  Snake expert, Bowen LaJesse, says that pythons beyond eight feet should be handled by at least two people, and especially if medication is involved.


Australian Mother Finds Snake in Bed with Daughter


Though it seems many cases of pythons attacking people in their homes is when they host them as pets, there have been a few terrifying reports of people finding these large reptiles slithering through their homes uninvited.  Most cases of the sort happen in regions where the pythons are native, such as Australia.

In one such case, a woman was laying down to rest for the night with her two-year-old daughter.  Soon into their slumber, she was awakened by hissing from her cat, and noticed the sight of a strange, writhing movement on her bed.  As Tess Guthrie suspiciously picked up her cell phone to shine light on what was going on, she faced a very rude realization.  What was causing the stir actually turned out to be a six-foot python sharing the bed with her and daughter.

The python was already wrapping around the arm of Guthrie’s young, helpless daughter by the time it was noticed.  Tess knew she had to act quick, but when the python sensed that the woman was on offense, it began to strike.  With the great fear that the python was going to kill her small daughter, Tess immediately took on the lengthy reptile.  As it was biting down on her daughter, Tess quickly grabbed the snake by the head, ripped it apart from her and hurled it across the room.

The frightened duo rushed outside and waited there until the removal of the snake from their home.  They were taken to the hospital soon after, where they spent the night to receive treatment on the wounds the python inflicted.


Man Saves Grandson From Green Anaconda

When it comes to weight and mass, the green anaconda holds the title of the largest snake species on the planet.  They can reach an astounding twenty-five feet in length and a weight of up to three-hundred pounds!

Some of the heaviest concentrations of these anacondas are found in South America, and sometimes people in the area have the unfortunate experience of coming into contact with these large snakes.

In one terrifying incident, a young Brazilian boy, who resided in an area about two-hundred and fifty miles Northwest of Sao Paulo, fell victim to a green anaconda.

10-worst-snake-attacksOne afternoon, when he and a friend were playing near a creek, they would have never imagined that a sixteen-foot green anaconda was watching them from just beneath the water’s surface.

As Mateus neared the water, the lurking anaconda decided to pounce.  Using its sixteen feet of muscle, large jaws and teeth, the reptile took the young boy down with ease. 

As it was thrashing him and sinking its teeth into Mateus’ neck and shoulders,  the boy’s friend decided to run for help.  Not a moment to soon, he returned with Mateus’ grandfather, who was ready to battle.

With a small machete and rock, Mateus’ sixty-six-year-old grandfather was finally able to free his defenseless grandson from the ravenous beast after nearly thirty minutes of fighting with it.

After the savage attack, Mateus was immediately rushed to the hospital.  The eight-year-old boy held up pretty well after the incident, all things considered.  After receiving stitches at the hospital, he made a quick recovery.  He was very lucky to live through the attack, and walked away from it without even a broken bone.