Jul 22 2014

Snake Charming: Not as Impressive as it Seems

Snakes are naturally aggressive, reactive and dangerous creatures. Humans exercise great caution when faced with a snake. They can be quite malignant, and certain species can take a victim’s life in a few seconds with their venom.

Though most people go through great measures to avoid these reptiles, others seek them out. Some brave people attempt to capture snakes, commonly ones as deadly cobras, and put on shows with them.

snake charmer

Snake charming is a common attraction in many parts of the world, primarily in Asia. Often a person is seen playing an instrument, and to it, a snake dances.

A great mystery to many is how one take such rampant creatures, and make them behave in such a pacified and seemingly hypnotized state.

It is a common myth that snakes can be hypnotized by sound, as the act of snake charming presents. Snakes actually cannot even hear; it is in fact the specific movements of the charmer that cause the snake to move in a certain way.

In one of the most extreme shows of snake charming, a baby is seen sleeping on a blanket, with four of the deadly reptiles squared around it. It was caught on video, which recently blew up on Youtube.

The video appears very realistic, but has been questioned by some because it is such a strange occurrence, and how it could be achieved is hard to imagine.

Throughout the video, the snakes remain upright and in a rather subdued state. On several different occasions in the video, the baby even makes reach for the snakes, and even appears to grab hold of one of them, yet he snakes remain almost oblivious to the baby’s movements. Though the video is portrayed as if, for some unknown reason, the snakes are guarding the baby, it is quite likely that there is a human intervention that is making the snakes behave in this matter.

baby with snakes

The most common method of snake charming involves guiding them with movements, holding their attention, or making them feel threatened by a certain object.

Removing the deadly fangs of the creatures and sewing their mouths shut is a common procedure that has been used by snake charmers in the past. Once the snake is deprived of its natural defenses, it has less reason to act out, and is much more easy to manipulate.

In the video, it is very doubtable that the snakes are protecting the baby. It is an obvious case of some type of snake charming. If studied closely, they all seem intrigued and attentive to something that is out of the frame.

It is hardly as miraculous of an occurrence as it seems, but most likely of a case of abuse and distracting the snakes.

cobra's back

cobra face

charmer in public

snake in basket