Jul 17 2014

The Prehistoric Australian Lion


Marsupial Lion

The largest carnivorous mammal to have ever lived in Australian is the Marsupial Lion also known as the Thylacoleo Carnifex. This meat eater is believed to have been extinct for over 40,000 years which is the last time any time of big cat has roamed Australia.

With a bulky body structure, this ferocious beast weighed on the upper end of 350 pounds (160 kg) while it only stood around 30 inches high (75 cm) with a maximum length thought to be 60 inches (150 cm) from head to tail.

One unique aspect about the Marsupial Lion is their bite. They are considered a specialized carnivore as the design of their jaw was only meant for killing very large animals which made it difficult for them to hunt smaller prey.

It also possessed a a huge thumb claw which was used to eradicate their unfortunate prey and snap down other animals who put up a fight.

Meet the Marsupial Lion


Specialized Teeth of the Thylacoleo Carnifex – Marsupial Lion

Thylacoleo_BW lion-australia-historyThylacoleo_skeleton_in_Naracoorte_Caves
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