Jul 16 2014

Giant Ripper Lizard

The Megalania is an “extinct species” of giant monitor lizards that used to roam Southern Australia.

This was only about 30,000 years ago as compared to dinosaurs which have been extinct for 65 million years.

Because of this time period, it is believed that these giant beast shared Australia with humans for thousands of years.

Meet Megalania – The Giant Ripper Lizard

Even with all of the dangerous creatures to have lived in Australia, the Megalania is Largest Carnivor there in the last 2 million years

So how big is this thing?

giant-dinosaur-lizardEstimated at 26 feet or 8 meters and weighing up to 4,300 pounds or 2k kilos.

This makes it the largest terrestrial lizard to have ever existed on earth ..and fed on big animals… like kangaroos, prehistoric lions and most likely… humans…

man-eating monsterStudies have shown that this animal was more than likely venomous, which would also make it the largest known venomous vertebrate in history.

So is it possible that this thing could still exists? Some people swear by it…

Well….the bones of a Megalania were found a few years ago…and when they were finally carbon dated…the bones were ONLY 300 years old!

Dozens of sightings of the beasts have been reported even in recent years…with some pretty credible experts as witnessess.

One expert on these monsters, Rex Gilroy, was called out to a farm one day to investigate tracks left by some sort of huge animal in a farmer’s field. Plaster castings of the footprints were taken and they matched exactly to the footprints of a Megalania.

This wouldn’t be the first time evidence has shown that extinct animals may still be alive, as the case with the Tasmanian Tiger.