Jul 15 2014

Studies Show Owning Pets Can Add Years to Owner’s Life

Studies have shown that owning pets, primarily dogs, have profound effects on the health of humans and can keep them looking fresh and young. One of the most obvious reasons for this is that dogs undoubtedly increase the activity level of their owners.

A researcher at St Andrews University Dr. Feng said, “if you have a dog in the home, your physical activity level is roughly equivalent to a person ten years younger.

It may not add a decade to your life, but it’s very beneficial- it’s all about getting up and out and about.”

white puppy

Maintaining regular exercise and activity is one of the best ways to avoid the exhibitions of many common ailments, especially bone and muscle disorders that are very profound in people surpassing middle-age.

Most dogs require and beg for much activity and stimulation throughout the day, for which they depend on their owners for.

Walking, running, jumping, stretching, bending and many other movements are forced upon owners by dogs more than most people realize.

Not only are dogs beneficial to physical health in humans, they also have helpful and lasting effects on their mental health.

On average, dog owners have a lower level of depression than people that do not own pets. The special bond between person and dog improves life for both in more ways than one would think.

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Dr. Feng held a study in Tayside that examined a group of over 500 people with a mean age of 79 years old. Of the group, 9% were dog owners.

All of the participants wore an accelerometer, which measured all of their movements through the experiment.

The results showed that this nine-percent, which were dog owners, were 12% more active than the other 91% of the participants. Their levels of anxiety and depression were also significantly lower.

So not only are dogs and cats cute and cuddly, they also provide benefits to the health and well-being of their owners. Maybe the expensive deposit is worth it after all!

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